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10 Amazing Beauty Ideas to Turn Valentine Week a Romantic One

2016 Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and everybody is preparing to have the bet with his or her loved one. It’s a day that is celebrated every year on February 14 which so much treasured by the loved ones especially the couples and people who are dating. Everyone wants to look beautiful and impress his or her partner on Valentine day. With just a few days to go, make a decision to take care of yourself using the following beauty ideas.

  1. Keep Your Skin Moisturised

Moisturiser helps to protect our skin from rehydrating it and makes it feel and look healthy. As your prepare for Valentine’s Day, it is important that you wash your face regularly using the best cleanser which helps protect your skin by removing the dirty on your skin and also make ups. Also, moisturiser contributes to keeping your skin hydrated since it increases the level of water content. For you to look fabulous this Valentine, make sure you wash your face twice daily, in the morning and the evening then applies a moisturiser.

  1. Hair and scalp

Having well groomed, shaved or maintained hair is a plus especially during Valentine day. You need to buy hair massage for your skin and scalp, apply it and allow it to stay overnight then wash it in the morning using hair conditioner and shampoo. Curls and waves can be styled when the hair is wet since it can quickly lock because of the soft texture. Also, avoid using hair styling products which contain a high content of alcohol but you should go for products that do have alcohol.

  1. Full body

Most people especially ladies do not want to leave anything to chance by preparing the last minute since they all want to look more presentable and beautiful thus we need to take care of our full body by having full body treatments before valentine’s day. The skin treatment to have can include sauna to get rid of toxins, skin bleach to confiscate tan, regular exfoliation to get rid of dead skin in our body. Also, ensure that you apply body lotion suitable for your skin daily after shower to your skin so as to keep it nourished and not dull.

  1. Soft and scented body

Your body should be soft, scented and soft to touch irrespective of the occasion. This can be achieved by scrubbing it with sugars and creams that soften it. You should always ensure that you moisturise your skin immediately after a shower. The scent should be a good girl because some people are sensitive, especially those with allergies. They will avoid coming near you because they can sneeze or lead to breathing difficulties. One should, therefore, understand what the partner can tolerate and not tolerate.

  1. Visit a pedicurist

One should consider going for nail art that matches your Valentine’s Day dress. It’s recommended that you do relaxing pedicure once a week so as to keep your feet smooth, and this is done by scrubbing off dead skin by dipping in warm water then apply foot cream

  1. Make-up application

Trying to do something sexy and new is the priority of everyone when preparing for the Valentine day. Most ladies are not happy with their eyelash, but this should not worry you since we have products of eyelash enhancer in the market, you need to buy growth serum which helps to increase your eyelash. Applying safe sunscreen make-up will ensure the skin remains moist and glowing through the day even if it is sunny or hot. This is the time to be sexy and has the best including burning red lipstick making you bold and daring.

  1. Drinking water

For your skin body to burn on this week, hydration is vital. Lindsay Ellingson advice that drinking plenty of water daily helps keep our skin hydrated and it’s an important aspect of the beauty treatment. Also, you need to get enough sleep and sure that you get enough vitamin D and C in your food to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

  1. Right Bag for your face shape

Ladies love carrying handbags around. Therefore, you need to find the right bag that is suitable for your face form and also your dressing for that day. Also, make sure that you the right color that suits your shoes.

  1. Healthy Diet

A nutritious diet rich in fiber taken daily will improve the skin tone. A healthy body starts with the food one eats. The commonly recommended foods include fish; green vegetable, white meat, brown rice, and buckwheat are the best. Processed and any artificial foods should be avoided. Healthy foods should be eaten as they will leave the skin without spots.

  1. Physical exercise

Physical activity helps to soften the skin. 30 to 50 minutes exercise daily is advisable. This is because it increases oxygen and blood flow to the cells in the skin that neutralizes harmful free primary carriers in the skin cells. It cleans the skin from inside by getting rid of the wastes through the pores. Perform some physical exercises to make your skin glow during Valentine’s Day.


Preparation for the Valentine is vital and can cause heartbreak to many lovers if one feels that you do not give the time and attention it deserves. Proper preparation for Valentine should start early enough to avoid unnecessary rushing hence messing up. This is the day when the precious gifts in the form of flowers, jewellery are exchanged for the loved ones.

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