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10 Excellent Natural Home Remedies For Straight Hair

One of the best advantages of having perfectly straight hair is that you can do any kind of hairstyle easily. Be it an irregular ponytail or an intricate hairdo, perfectly straight hair would allow you to do all that even more. Moreover, straight hair is usually extra glossy and slick, and makes you appear like a diva with minimum effort.

Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate with straight hair. And those wanting to achieve the same usually tend to make use of synthetic products and chemical treatments. Although these products and treatments would allow them to obtain salon like glossy and straight hair, gradually with time (and continual exposure to these products) the hair follicles would turn out to be completely damaged and lose their natural sheen and gleam. The final result? The individual would be left with just a ‘bad hair day’ every day throughout his/her life.

Ideas To Acquire Perfectly Straight Hair At Your Home

Given below are several excellent natural home remedies for those wanting to get straight hair without going to a salon. These methods would help straighten your hair naturally without spoiling it during this process, and also without burning a hole throughout your pocket. So keep reading!

Milk Sprays

Milk Sprays

Milk has proteins which can increase the hair shafts and decrease frizz, therefore making your hair appear and feel smooth and exceptionally straight. Pour a little milk into a spray and spray a little milk on the hair strands, ensuring that you cover the hair completely from the roots to the tips. Wash your locks with cold water after half an hour or so with a conditioner.

Coconut Milk

coconut milk

Coconut milk may help straighten your hair out and can make it look glossier than before. Remove the milk from a coconut and rinse out your locks with it after a hair wash. Wash out the milk in cold water after around 10 minutes for desired results. You may also add the juice of a lemon to one cup of coconut milk and then keep it in the refrigerator all-night. Use the creamy paste the next day morning and wash it off with cold water after nearly an hour or so.

Hot Oil Massages

Hot Oil Massage

A lot of celebrities rely on the hot oil massage which they assure would leave you with frizz free, smooth, shiny and beautifully straight hair. Heat up some coconut oil (you can apply castor oil or olive oil also) until it gets to be warm to the touch. Don’t heat up the oil too much though as it may burn the hair follicles.

Use the hot oil throughout your scalp, massaging it softly into the skin as you do this. After you have covered the full scalp and the locks all the way from the origins to the tips, cover your scalp (and also hair) with a towel. Take away the towel after nearly 30 minutes and wash your locks with a good quality shampoo as well as conditioner. You will notice the stunning difference after the first wash by itself.

The Essential Oil & Aloe Vera Hair Mask

oil and aloe vera hair mask

The same as face masks can do miracles for your skin, hair masks will help you get super straight hair quickly and appropriately. The kind of hair mask that one can try out is the essential oil & aloe vera gel hair mask.

Blend half a cup of Aloevera gel with 10 drops of essential oil. You can go for any essential oil though the ones that give the best results would consist of sandalwood and rosemary oil. Include half a cup of warmed up coconut or olive oil to the mix and ensure that it stays overnight. Employ the mask over the scalp and also the hair the next morning and then let it stay on for about 2 hours. Wash it off with a high quality shampoo and conditioner later on.

Honey, Milk & Strawberry Hair Mask

honey, milk & strawberry hair mask

Create a paste including a cup of milk and one tbsp. natural honey. Mix a few strawberries and put them to the mixture. Use the resulting paste over your scalp and locks, covering the hair roots and tips completely. Wrap your locks in a towel for around 2 hours. Rinse out your hair with a high quality shampoo and conditioner following that. Comb your locks with a wide toothed comb since your blow dry it to be able to make it appear straighter and shinier.

Bananas, Yogurt & Olive-oil

banana & olive oil

Mash 2 bananas and include 2 tablespoons of honey, yogurt and olive oil to the paste. Blend nicely and refrigerate the resulting mixture for around 30 minutes. Use the subsequent mask on the locks and cover it with a towel or shower cap. Rinse out if off with cold water after around an hour for favorable results. You can like to add an egg white into the combination for extra conditioning.

Fuller’s Earth And Egg


Even though it might take quite some washing to take away fuller’s earth from your locks, the outputs would be amazing.  Include one cup of fuller’s earth and five teaspoons of rice flour in a container. Blend nicely. Put an egg white to the combination and a small amount of water to create a loose paste that can be applied on the locks. Keep in mind you should comb your hair very well before you apply the mixture.

Cover the hair roots and the tips completely and wrap your locks with a towel for around 30 minutes. Continue combing your locks with a wide toothed comb periodically while using the paste. Rinse the paste off with a high quality shampoo later on. Follow this method for at least once in monthly for straight and gleaming hair.

Take Enough Time To Condition Your Hair


A lot of people tend to use a conditioner after which wash it off in a few minutes. This process will not work with every conditioner since different conditioners possess different working conditions. Although some conditioners would require just 5 minutes to work on the locks, others would require a minimum of 45 minutes to give effective results. The period of time you keep the conditioner on the locks would also rely on the amount of moisture contained in your scalp. So if you don’t acquire favorable results within a short time, try holding the conditioner on the locks for longer times after cleaning it.

Always Rinse With Cold Water

Rinse you hair

Warm water would open the pores and take away the conditioners effect on your locks. Make sure to rinse your locks with cold water after conditioning it because this would seal the pores and also allow the hair follicles to keep the results of the conditioner for longer times.

Blow Dry And Comb Appropriately

blow you hair

After rinsing your hair, position yourself under a fan or before a cooler. Comb your damp locks with a wide toothed comb. Arrive at the tips and halt there for a moment (around 5 seconds), softly tugging at your hair to make sure that it stays straight. Comb the other parts of your hair the similar way. keep in mind that you have to keep on combing your locks until it dries completely. Any quantity of moisture left in the locks would cause it to curl up or appear frizzy.

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