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10 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Makeup

While many of us will never be able to put makeup and beauty things like a pro, we at least can do the nuts and bolts, isn’t that so? You may be shocked to discover that you may have been committing some major cardinal sins in make-up 101.

Look through the list for makeup mistakes you’re most likely making—and how to alter them with these beauty tips and tricks:

Mistake 1. Beginning With a Dirty Face

Excess oil and dead skin can bring about your cosmetics to not look crisp or contorted. Using a face cleanser or a decent face wash will give a crisp clean canvas.

Mistake 2. Under-Eye Concealer

Tempting as it might be to stare at your dark circles and insist they spread the whole width of your eye, but they don’t. Applying your concealer under your entire eye is a slip-up of the reverse-raccoon sort. Or maybe, when you’re looking in the mirror, tilt your head down to see where the shadows really fall, and simply apply concealer to that zone.

Mistake 3. Wrong Shade Of Foundation

Admit it, we all make this mistake one point or another. To avoid this blunder, simply pick two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and afterward go outside to natural light and look in a mirror. Use your own judgment to see which one looks normal and more natural.

Mistake 4. Wrong Shade Of Blush

Blushes ought to complement your natural skin tone, it shouldn’t look over-do. If that you are wearing a bolder lip, combine that with a subtle shade of blush, to make it look natural and not made-up.

Mistake 5. Trying to PLUMP Your Lips

You’ve probably attempted, the trick of coating just the outside of your lip line to make your lips look bigger than usual. But, but, but, it’s easier said than done. One wrong move and you’ll wind up looking like Pamela Anderson. So, if that you are going to give these beauty tips and tricks a try use a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick on the outer line of your lips. Fill in your lips also – that way if your lipstick blurs, you don’t end up with just a line around your mouth.

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Mistake 6. Skipping Face Primer

Primer refines lines as well as help the makeup and beauty lasts longer on the skin, without any breakage. Use a primer to fill scarce and even skin tone before jumping to the next step. Most even have sunscreen and shield your epidermis from harmful UV beams.

Mistake 7. Applying foundation over Eyebrows and Hairline

Apply foundation to your skin, not over your locks. Like your face, your foreheads should be exposed before enhancing, whether you want to deck them or not. Also, to avoid your hairline looking ashy and blurred, don’t put the foundation all over your hairline boundaries.

Mistake 8. Dry Sponge

Hand holding a Pink makeup sponge isolated on white background

Hand holding a Pink makeup sponge isolated on white background

Your makeup sponge is only useful when it is wet, a dry regular sponge looks a good option, but trust me, it leaves your foundation look uneven, making major patches. So, it may sound a little weird, but using a wet make-up sponge will always give you a better coverage.

Mistake 9. Matte Lipstick on Dry Lips

Matte lipsticks are so in this season, but be careful while you put on matte. Always remember to hydrate your lips first before you apply matte lipstick, this won’t make your lips look awkwardly weird.

Mistake 10. Not Blending Face to Neck

Apart from using the wrong shade of foundation, not blending the foundation to your neck is one of the major makeup mistake almost every second chic commit. So, from the very next time make sure, that you blend the foundation evenly from face to neck.

We drive home some major beauty tips and tricks, now over to you ladies!

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