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11 Quick and Easy Beauty Ideas to Master DIY Blowout

Your hair is one of the most important accessories and it is only normal you would want it to look amazing. If you have found the courage to give the DIY blowout a try, you should take a few minutes and read this article as well. In the paragraphs that follow, you will be able to discover no less than eleven quick and easy beauty ideas, destined to help you master this rather important skill. Enjoy your read and do not hesitate to share your newfound advice with your friends!

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#1 Heat protect spray

As you can imagine, the blow dryer will be quite aggressive on your hair, the intense heat doing quite a lot of damage. In order to guarantee the best blow-drying results but without any damage to the hair, it is recommended to use the heat protect spray. This will form a protective film on the surface of the hair, allowing you to style it, without any additional damage.

#2 Coconut oil

If you have been searching for ways to use coconut oil, you have found one of the best ones indeed. After you have washed your hair, take a clean towel and use it to absorb the excess water. Then, apply coconut oil on your hair and use a large-toothed comb to detangle it. Blow dry and enjoy the beautiful results!

#3 Separate your hair into sections

In order to obtain the best results from your blowout, you have to separate your hair into sections first and foremost. Then, using a large-toothed comb, take your time and detangle your hair. This will allow the hair to be more easily dried, without any actual damage.

#4 Brush during blow drying

When you have just started to blow dry your hair, it is not recommended to use a brush, as you will cause the hair to break. However, as it begins to dry, it is indicated to use the brush, in order to arrange your hair in the manner that you yourself desire.

#5 Roots first

Even though this might sound obvious, you have to dry your roots first. The easiest way to do that is to flip your head over, performing a gentle massage on the roots while drying them. The only exception to this rule is represented by bangs, one of the unexpected beauty trends of this year.

#6 Purifying hair scrub

Our scalp is subjected to a lot of aggressive factors, including pollution and hair products. In order for your blowout to be a successful experience, you have to clean your scalp first. Using a purifying hair scrub is a good idea, as it will eliminate not only the excess dandruff and sebum accumulated on the scalp but also any hair products or other residue.

#7 Almond oil

Almond oil can be used after you have completed your blowout, in order to ensure that your hair will look just as great for the next hours. All you have to do is apply a little bit in your hands and then to your hair, thus maintaining a beautiful look all day long.

#8 Watch out for conditioner

When you are in the shower, you tend to use a lot of products, including conditioner. The problem is that, when it comes to cleansing such products from your hair, you might tend to be in a hurry. If there is too much conditioner residue in your hair, then the blow dry experience will not be as expected.

#9 Use products that speed up the process

If you are the proud possessor of a thick mane of hair, you probably know how much it can take to complete a blowout. Well, in such situations, you can use products that speed up the process. Search for the express blow dry lotions and do not be afraid to use them.

#10 Front first, back second

No matter how tempting it might be to blow dry the back of your hair first; it is actually the front that matters. After you have dried your roots, move on to the front and use the blow drier to obtain volume. If the front looks good, so will the back that is guaranteed.

#11 Hairspray as a final touch

Once you have completed your blowout, if you are not interested in using natural oils, you can apply hairspray as a final touch. This will ensure that your blowout stays in the desired form for as long as it is possible. So, go for a flexible uses of hairspray and enjoy the results. And, remember, do not overdo it, otherwise it will have the opposite effect (weighing down your hair and causing you to appear older than you really are).

These are some of the best suggestions that can be of use in mastering the DIY blowout. Keep in mind that your hair is sensitive to the heat, so the blow dryer should always be kept at a safe distance (and preferably with the protective accessory at the front, as this distributes the heat in a more even manner). As you have seen, there are products that you can use, in order to protect the hair from the excess heat, so do not hesitate to give them a try. Last, but not least, it is important to understand that our hair requires a lot of care, in order to look fantastic and resist all daily aggressive factors.

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