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20 Signs That Prove You’re a True Blue Fashion Freak!

From hell costly accessories to embracing your mum’s wardrobe. Here are 20 signs that would make sure you’re a true blue fashion freak, we are sure you’ll spot more than one:

1. Your Facebook timeline is flooded with fashion post, isn’t it? You know, there are huge amount of international issues happening all through the globe and you’re very clear that fashion matters more than national news.

2. You get a bigger number of texts from different brands about sales and discounts than from your friends. Text from your friends requesting for a reunion? No ways. Message from Nike about the end of season sale, rush!

3. You get dressed for yourself, not for others.

4. Half, nah, more than half of the people you follow on Instagram are Fashion Bloggers. And in case you get a follow request from the fashion blogger you recently followed. You’re like OMG, pinch me.

5. You wear shades when it’s even cloudy, because only you know, it totally makes the outfit.

6. You always tell your friends “let’s go to shopping because your fashion sense is still stuck in the 60′s and the shoes you wear are too outdated”. And your friends hate going out for shopping with you because you are always ready to give them a quick wardrobe makeover.

7. You’re a dead soul, when you shopped a lot from Zara and then suddenly everybody on the planet spotted wearing the same.

8. You know how to pronounce each brand name effectively, but you can’t speak Czechoslovakia.

9. You know, wearing pj’s out of the house is absolutely fine, but with heels.

10. Fashion Week is your ultimate playoff.

11. You know you did this a lot, skipping classes for shopping.

12. You have more membership cards in your wallet than that of your driving license and other important stuffs.

13. When you say, “I’ll be ready in five minutes!” it simply means you’ll be sticking around for 60 minutes. You can’t go out without at least no less than four outfits changed. How would someone even know whether an outfit is going to work unless you stare yourself in the mirror for 15 minutes to judge!

14. You are highly obsessed with online shopping.

15. You will give up a little sanity to wear a jumpsuit. Undressing totally in a restroom slow down for overalls, jumpsuits, Bodysuits, rompers, whatever, it’s justified regardless of the look.

16. Having – Who wore it better? Moments every single day.

17. You can’t even dream of donating your clothes, you’re mad about your wardrobe.

18. And running after strangers asking, where did you get that? is your hobby.

19. Wearing heels that may additionally work as torture gadgets.

20. On top of all, you have infinite confidence. The one who is self obsessed, but has a reason. Has her own unique style. A Freak in the sheets, but also keeps it high on taste. Given to whatever, and complete things by any means. A Beautiful young lady that is one of a kind.

In case you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re a fashion freak. So, shout aloud and be proud!

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