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3 Kinds of Bellies to Wear This Season

Ah, summer! The bright sunshine, the azure sky, the vibrant colors all around you- and you wonder why this is everyone’s favourite season?! There’s another thing that summer brings to you- amazing fashion trends in latest dressing style. This is the time to flaunt your fashion sense, the one you’re so proud about. Speaking of fashion sense, did you know that a person’s style is judged on the basis of his footwear? Sad, but true. No matter what you wear, unless you manage to reach the mark with your footwear, no one would even give you a second look.

Beautiful Red Bellies

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Well this season, bellies are the fad when speaking of latest dressing style for women irrespective of the age. Stilettos, sneakers and sandals have taken a back seat this summer as bellies seem to be killing the fashion scene this season. Why you ask? They are cute, they are comfy and they go well with everything. What more could you ask for really? Before you head to the store to get your very own pair of bellies, you should keep in mind a few things-

  • Nude is the way to go

Nude belly shoes

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The thing about nude is that it suits everyone. It looks great with a pair of short skirts, your favourite little black dress and even a pair of sporty shorts. The nude color simply adds an irresistible charm to your footwear. While flats always look good, you can even get nude bellies with small heels to make them look all the more feminine.

  • Go bling!

Girls bling bellies

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Now not everyone can carry off shoes which have bling, but if you can, you’re sure to make a few heads turn. If you are wearing blingy bellies, please do not make the terrible faux pas of adding bling to other components of your outfit. Keep it simple and chic- go for something like a pair of denim shorts, white tank or tube tops or may be those oversized boho chic flowy tops and pair that up with your brand new shoes.

  • Try out prints

Trendy multi coloured floral printed belly shoes

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Printed bellies look really cute. Now that it is summer, you could add prints to your outfit with the help of cute printed bellies. Floral prints are the classic choice and also a hit in latest dressing style now. You could go for something unconventional like hearts or even little polka dots. Go for bright colors so that the prints are clearly visible.

There you go; you’re now all set to buy your first pair of bellies. Remember, bellies are really comfortable; it couldn’t hurt to spice them up with prints, neon colors and even a touch of bling!

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