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5 Easy-to-Follow Hacks to Look Fab on a Shoestring Budget

“I don’t have an endless wardrobe or an unlimited bank account,” she says. Whenever a sale bell rings, she is the first one to queue up. Her style is attainable and relatable (though at times she doesn’t mind being garbed in graceful ASOS attire).

Wondering who is she?? Want to guess??

Well, she can be anyone. You, me or the girl sitting right next to you. If we go by global figures, there must be more than 12 million youngsters all over the world, who are obsessed with SHOPPING (and often ends up splurging). To be precise, college is a time to be a bit selfish, even though our budget asks us to be a little lenient and when its fashion and all about looking good and leaving a mark, there is no looking back!

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So, here I present FIVE WAYS to look Snazzy without overstepping on your budget:

What is fashion for you?

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Are you a brand conscious person? Do you prey on swish brands like Hermes, Gucci and Chanel? If yes, then you need to change your perceptions today! Fashion is not all about splurging on ostentatious brands. Even with scarce affordable resources, you can look stunning, provided you shop sensibly.

A take on budget

Budget Shopping online

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Managing finances is an intrinsic part of a student’s life. And they get a clear thumbs up from me. If you are someone who is always on the go, you need to apportion a substantial amount of money for your fashion needs. All the money is yours, do whatever you feel like! However, I would advise you to manage your funds well, spend only on stuff that you need. Also, invest in quality clobbers that will last long.

Never “shop till you drop”

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Mission shopping! Never be an impulsive buyer. Before heading to the nearest mall beside your college, make a list of items you need to purchase or give a look at. It saves your precious time as well as keeps you away from wandering aimlessly.

Spotted a gorgeous gown? No matter, how much you like that embellished gown, stop yourself from acquiring it, right away. Think, do you really need it? Where will you wear it? Do you have any marriage ceremony on the cards?

Online shopping AVEC discounts

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Look trendy and spend less money. How? Various online discount shops like Forever21, DKNY and ASOS offers a la mode attires at extremely affordable prices, every now and then. Watch out during the festive seasons!

A high-five for wardrobe basics

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Budget shopping compels you to think out of the box. Most of us go crazy for trends, but beware trends are costly. They are utterly tempting too. Instead, focus your budget on the basics. A LBD or a white linen shirt will never fail you.

NOTA BENE: Money will flow in and out of your life, but when your youth is gone it is gone for good. Occasionally, shop well and buy that eclectic paisley printed summer dress and get draped in elegance and finesse. Period. NOT OFTEN BUT SOMETIMES.

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“Shreya Dhar is a seasoned copywriter, working for YUP Card and her passion to help people in all diverse aspects of digital marketing flows through her writing and adept industry coverage she brings in. Apart from chasing her copywriting dream of becoming a prolific writer, she is an avid traveller, and a true believer that a rolling stone actually gathers moss.”


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