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5 Handbags Every Woman Needs

Accessories have evolved and become almost a necessity when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit. Ladies handbags have gone from being known as a utility item to dump all of your things into a stylish accessory that adds to your outfit all while retaining its original purpose.

Each of us have our defining style that we’re comfortable in: whether it’s boho chic, casual, glamorous, quirky or goth. Fashion is an extension of your personality and so we pick out outfits and accessories that match us.

Here are our top picks in branded handbags, with a special style for every occasion:

The Basic Backpack


For the classic black bag lovers, there’s the option of black leather backpacks. These spacious and luxurious backpacks add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Zip around the city with these edgy backpacks and make even the most casual outfit stand out in a unique way.

Sparkling Special Clutch

clutch bag

For weddings, parties or a special date, go for a shining, chic clutch. Choose either a sparkling material or a precious clutch studded with stones to make a statement.

Clutches have enough space for your essentials for the evening and make you and your outfit look fantastic.

 The Tote

tote bag

This is your go to bag that you take to work or college every day. It is spacious, has different compartments to store anything and everything you’ll need during the day. Rock either the classic black and brown leather or go for a colourful tote, the brighter the better.

Since this bag goes through a lot of wear and tear, choose a sturdy quality material to ensure that you don’t have a flimsy bag that won’t withstand everyday use. See how many things you need to carry (and all the extras that just happen to sneak in) and choose the right size and fit for you accordingly.

The Sling

sling bag

There’ll be times when you want to walk around town, just looking at art galleries and taking the day slowly. Rather than tugging your giant tote, opt for a sling (also known as cross body) bag. Not only does it make you look great, you just slide it across your body and walk around with ease. Keep your essentials in place as you slow down your pace and just enjoy.

The Overnighter

tote bag

Whether it’s a weekend excursion or a month long trip, a handy tote will go a long way to make the trip easier for you. Get one of those oversized bags that hold all your belongings during the train or car ride and make sure what you need is never out of reach.

Handbags come in handy during many occasions. Of course shopping for them can be tough, given time or budgetary constraints. And when you go to the shop and you’re bombarded by options and salespeople.

To get around this, opt for shopping for bags for women online. You’ll get everything seamlessly organised so you have an easier time making a selection according to your needs. Online store also carry exclusive discounts and offers, which make it cheaper for you to get a designer bag online

Author Bio

Aayushi Dandekar is a renowned fashion blogger. She writes regularly write a column for fashion magazines and blogs. Currently working for well-known brand 6TH STREET. You can find good tips and information regarding fashion products.


  1. Manavi

    October 5, 2016 at 10:06 am

    While backpacks are very handy when you have a lot to carry, I am in love with Totes this season. Not only do these bags look chic and classy, they are so versatile and can be carried with any outfit. Sling bags are like my saviour when I’m running errands or in a hurry.

  2. vidya

    October 3, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Such a lovely bags. Thanks for the suggestion.

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