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5 Men’s Accessories without which You’re Incomplete

Think about the time when you bought a beautiful chandelier for your living room and got it all set up at its right place. When you reached out to the switch board and found that there’s no switch to tun on the lights. How would you feel? It is the same situation when you have classy outfits perfect for various situations but you lack the complementary accessories.

Have you ever thought about heading for a board meeting with your suit on but you don’t have the right tie or shoes for the same? It is something that we’ll talk about here! This blog would lay down 5 accessories for men without which your personality is incomplete no matter what you do.

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Sunglasses –

Going from top to the bottom, the very first essential is the sunglasses. Whether you wear it to keep your eyes from the harmful sun rays or for the style statement, sunglasses are the proven accessory that makes you look debonair if worn correctly. Not every sunglasses are meant for every outfit. There are wayfarers, aviators, round frame, and many other styles that look dapper in different outfits.

A belt –

Another essential that need your focus is the belt. You might have a plethora of them or probably just one (which is not a good sign) that work for you. You got to invest in some stylish, varied colored and supportive belts that last longer than you think. Why belts? Well, every man’s physique is different but there are points if ignored can make you look clumsy. Just to define your waist and make you look appealing, it is important to have a belt. In addition, you cannot wear a casual belt to work or vice versa. Hence, buy a couple of them to keep changing!


How many of you wear a wristwatch? There are some of my friends who don’t like to wear a watch and that makes me wonder why would someone do something like that? They put it forward by saying, “You can keep a check of the time in smartphones as well, so why would I wear a wristwatch?” I think it is not only about the time that the accessory does for you. The purpose is to have something classy on your hand that complements your style and make the most of the empty wrist.

Men’s undergarments

How many of you did actually think that men’s underwear doesn’t count to be one of the accessories? Well, it actually isn’t an accessory but a part of clothing itself but men don’t give it enough importance. Hence, it is an essential accessory! With the age-old aim of providing men with support and coverage to the masculinity, there have been changes in trends and styles. From men’s brief underwear to male thongs, every style is essential to keep you looking confident, supported and visible in the crowd.


The relationship between men and shoes is like a man’s love for his personality. Some men are quite a fetish about shoes and have an entire closet with the varieties whereas; there are those who keep it limited. It is suggested that you must have something that comforts your feet as well as goes well with the different outfits. Therefore, have a pair for formals as well as something to well with casuals as well.

What do you say about these?


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