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Makeup Guide: 5 No Makeup tricks for this Festive Season

Festive season is here and we all need to look fabulous and amazing for it. To look dashing, along with good clothes and hairstyles, a good makeup look is important as well.

This season, less is more.

Try the No makeup look to look natural and to impress everyone with your natural beauty. Here are 5 No Makeup tips for the festivals that you can use for a perfect and complete look

1. Fresh skin


Fresh skin is needed for an ideal natural look. To get a luminous skin, start by washing, toning, and moisturizing your face. This will make your skin light and soft. Also, drink lots of water for that glow. If your skin is dehydrated, your skin will look dry and lifeless. Don’t skimp on sunscreen just because you’re going for lighter makeup. The best choice is a lightweight, oil-free sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

2. All about that base

No need for foundation. Apply a Smooth BB cream over your skin to even out your complexion. The key is to let your natural skin shine through, not completely cover it up. Apply the cream with your fingers and it will give you a more natural look. You can finish by applying a translucent powder, use it minimally where required.

3. A Natural Flush

Find a color that matches with your skin tone. Cream blushes are a good way to get a natural look. Gently pat and blend on the apples of your cheeks, making sure the edges are thoroughly blended out, and to chin, forehead, and bridge of nose.

4. Luscious Lashes

For some pre-mascara lash-lengthening, trace a black gel liner along the upper lash line; stop when you’re about a pinkie-width from the inner corner. Before that, curl your lashes as well. For your lids you can still use natural light colours of shadows, nude make up gives a really light look.

5. Moisturized lips

Finish off your nude make up look with a nude lipstick or a moisturizing lip gloss. Use a tone that complements your skin and a bit brighter than your natural colour. A well defined mouth will complete your look. You can also try a matt nude lipstick.

So, here were a few tips and tricks to help you look the best you can without heaps of make up and drama. Use these tricks for a perfect illusion of no make up.


  1. vidya

    October 25, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    Thanks for such great suggestion. Nice tips.

    • The Fashion Blogging

      October 26, 2016 at 12:09 pm

      We are glad you liked it.. Thanks 🙂

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