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5 Tips For Chapped Lips To Follow This Winter

A good physical appearance defines you. If one has a slight physical defect that usually lowers individual’s motivation, self-esteem and morale and always looks very disturbed. Therefore, there is the need for one to make sure he or she maintains and achieves a good physical condition for his or her general looks. There is always a great disturbance in one’s mind throughout the day if the individual has chapped or dry lips. Among many people chapped lips are caused by their lifestyle habits while to others the chapped lips are caused by underlying health issues. Also to others, exposure to some environmental conditions can lead to chapped lips. It is important to engage in activities that serve to reduce the occurrence of chapped lips to effectively and efficiently carry out daily activities. Various ways and methods can be followed to treat and reduce the occurrence of chapped lips ranging from natural systems to the use of medical products and supplements.

chapped or dry lips

Do not lick your lips

Mostly our lips lack both the oil and sweat glands hence making them susceptible to dehydration. Most people tend to lick their lips by thinking that it is a solution to dry and chapped lips but finally become a problem since the condition worsens. There is a cycle that has to be broken since as the saliva evaporates the lips become drier than before. To avoid the temptation of licking the lips, one is required to keep applying the lip product once you feel that the lips are dry. Although it is tough to break a habit, there are various methods that you can put in place to reduce and eventually eradicate the lips licking tendency. Some of these methods include applying bitter or awful-tasting lipsticks to limit the times you lick your lips.

Eat healthy

Most people concentrate on the external health and often forget about the importance of ensuring national health. Healthy dieting is not only necessary for your lips but also your overall health and well-being. As it is said, garbage in garbage out; therefore, whatever you eat greatly influences the condition of your entire body including the health of your skin. Healthy lips require the healthy diet that includes essential fatty acids. There is a high possibility that our lips will be affected if we lack enough fatty acids in our body. Some healthy foods that we can take to prevent our lips from drying up includes; vegetables and fresh fruits, olive oil, fish and whole grains. Also, there is the need to take omega three supplements.

Drink a lot of water

The winter is a cold season, and most people shy from taking large amounts of water due to the cold temperatures. You have to remember that regardless of the environmental conditions, a full grown human being is supposed to take at least eight glasses of pure water to enable your body to carry effectively out various activities. Water and other body fluids are responsible for many important activities in the body including excretion and nourishment of different body parts. Also, water helps keep your skin moisturised all time thus reducing skin dehydration that is one of the leading causes of chapped lips.

Plump your lips

Although it is a cold season, it is vital to engage in some lifestyle habits that serve to improve the condition of your lips and reduce and prevent the occurrence of chapped lips. There are various lip plumping products meant for winter season. The high level of humidity in the atmosphere inhibits high increased level of evaporation and sweating on your skin. Therefore, it is important to choose the best lip plumpers that help your lips adapt to the cold season and prevent them from drying or getting over moisturised.


Engaging in the routine workout is not only necessary for your skin and lips during the winter season but also your overall health and well-being. Ensure you incorporate some facial exercises with your routine physical workout to boost blood flow and circulation to your lips. This will help your lips in getting vital nutrients to prevent the occurrence of chapped lips.

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Regardless of the season, it is imperative to engage in some lifestyle habits and activities that work to improve the quality of your life. An occurrence of chapped lips may be. As a result some underlying health issues or due to some lifestyle habits. Therefore, it is important to choose some of the best methods of reducing the occurrence of chapped lips that work for you.

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