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5 Tips for High-Heel Lovers

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”- Marilyn Monroe

High-heels have gained popularity from the time they were introduced. From partying to work and from runways to weddings, high-heels have conquered it all. This is proof of the fact that high-heels are suited for all occasions. There are so many types of sandals for women but the love for high-heel sandals is one thing that almost all women share. This is because they not only make women look sexy and beautiful but also gives them confidence. They come in different types that it is impossible to not find one that suits your attire. High heels have become a must to include in your wardrobe.  Hence it is very essential to follow some of the most important tips if you are an ardent lover of high heels.

High Heels

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Make sure the heels you buy are a proper fit and comfortable to wear

Footwear feels uncomfortable to wear when it does not fit properly. This can lead to various back and leg problems. It is therefore important that you make sure that the footwear you wear is comfortable.

To check, wear the fit of your high-heel and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Wear your shoes and stand on your toes.
  • Lift your heels
  • If it rises an inch above the ground comfortably then it is the perfect fit for you.

Right time to purchase high heels

In the morning, your feet are a little smaller compared to what they are at night. They are truest to their natural size in the morning. During daytime, your feet tend to swell up due to all the walking and pressure. This time is the best time to try and buy high-heels.

The difference in the shoe size is not very significant but it is not avoidable as well. Heels bought at night will slip easily in the morning and fit perfectly at night while those bought in the morning will fit perfectly in the morning but they will be a little tight and uncomfortable at night.

High-heels for beginners

If you are about to buy your first pair of heels, here are a few tips for you-

  • Make sure you start by trying out wedges. Wedges are the best type of heels for those buying their first pair of high-heels. This is because they provide support and are easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Begin by choosing a shorter heel and slowly progress to 4 and 6 inches. This helps in building confidence while walking and reduces the sudden increase in pressure on the feet.

The No-Sound trick

This is another sweet and simple trick. Walk around for sometime while trying the heels. If the heels make a lot of noise while walking around, then they are definitely poor in quality. This will also help you assess how comfortable the sandal is.

Suede +wax

To make your suede shoes water proof:

  • Rub some wax on the surface of the shoe
  • Heat the surface with a blow dryer
  • Now you have suede shoes with a water proof layer

These tips will definitely make your love for high-heels grow. So go sassy!

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