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5 Tips to Buying Best Quality Sweatshirts

You cant sail through winters without a couple of good quality sweatshirts in your wardrobe. This garment comes with benefits of both a t-shirt and a sweater to give you the warmth you need in winters without any need of wearing a bulky sweater. These cozy shirts are made from blended yarns to retain body heat and absorb sweat. Sweatshirts were initially intended to be worn by sports persons but their versatility and compact design has made them a winter fashion staple. Many top clothing brands have introduced great quality sweatshirts that are high on style and comfort to meet the needs of fashion freaks around the globe. Of course, there are cheaper versions available in the market that offer quality sweatshirts. To ease the confusion about which sweatshirt to buy,  we have put together a list of things to look for while buying a sweatshirt.

Fabric Material

The material of the sweatshirt fabric is of paramount importance while buying a sweatshirt.  Sweatshirts are made from all sorts of fabric materials such as cotton,  polyester blended cotton,  fleece,  nylon and blended wool to suit varying climates. Sweatshirts made from 100 % cotton are a favoured option if the weather’s not too cold.  If you seek more warmth in your sweatshirt you can try brushed cotton material.  Cotton polyester and cotton wool blends work better in combating freezing temperatures. Choose materials that are machine washable like cotton blends, poly blends and fleece.  Nylon blends and wool blends are better left for dry cleaning to prevent the fabric from getting damaged in water.

GILDAN 92000 Premium Cotton Ring Spun Crewneck Fleece



To put up with climate changes,  sweatshirts are made from three types of fabrics – light weight,  mid weight and heavy weight.  Sweatshirts made from heavy weight materials provide more warm than light weight and mid weight fabrics but tend to be a little bulky. Light weight and mid weight fabrics go well with  moderate winter weather.

Gildan Heavyweight Blend Crewneck Sweatshirt


The build of a sweatshirt should hide flab and accentuate a lean figure without compromising on comfort. Opt for a sweatshirt with a non-baggy medium fit. The size and texture of cuffs and the neckline should be looked into to avoid the shirt from getting stuck while wearing it. Pick a shirt with soft stretchable fabric on cuffs and neck for easy wearability.

Anvil 71000 Fashion Crewneck Sweatshirt


Hooded pullover sweatshirts work great if you want to protect your ears, neck and head from chilly winds.  Front zippered sweatshirts give you an wear or remove them anytime to stay in tune with any sudden changes in the weather. Whichever style you choose,  make sure it has pockets  at the right places. Double check the zippers and drawstrings to avoid any mishaps that might take place while putting on the sweatshirt.

M & O 3320 Unisex Pullover Hood


Sweatshirts are designed specifically for sports events  but that does’nt mean you can’t wear them on formal ocassions.  Wear a blazer over a dark coloured crewneck blank sweatshirt to go with formal gatherings. Multi coloured sweatshirts with prints should be reserved strictly for casual events or as a part of gym clothing.

Bella + Canvas B3901 Unisex Fleece Mock Neck Sweatshirt

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