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5 Tips To Grow Beard In No Time

Most men are sporting attractive beards. Others are reading this. Well, you are here primarily for one reason, how to grow your beard in no time. Many are not able to do this, and that’s okay. Most people don’t. You should not be stressed about that. You should be rather aware of how to groom your beard. Listed below are five tips on how you can grow beard in no time.

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The four week rule

Let it grow. Yes, you read that right. No trimming, no shaving. Bust this old age belief that shaving makes your beard grow faster. Let it grow for a full four week and see where the gaps need to be filled and where the shape needs to be made. Not every man’s beard grows evenly. So as a rule of thumb, let it grow first.

Nutrient aspect

Never forget that your body relies on the nutrient you feed it with and same is the case with facial hairs as well. Exercise if you are high on fat. As a result of this, you shed fat and simultaneously increase testosterone that help in hair growth. Do exercises that help in blood regulation. Avoid stress, take good rest and focus on diets that are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Use stimulants

Stimulants like minoxidil, commonly referred to as ‘Rogaine’ is effective in accelerating hair growth. Topical application of minoxidil may help you gain facial hair faster. Apply it on the desired area of your face and leave it for four hours before washing it off. Use it daily for best results. Although, prior to use, consider the fact that you may have a sensitive skin, and it may not be suitable for you. Consult a medical practitioner before use.

Use a cream moisturizer with eucalyptus

Keep your skin moisturized and it is an undeniable fact that moisturized skin helps faster growth of hairs as opposed to dry skin. So it’s equally important to take care of your skin in order to grow facial hair. Products with eucalyptus extracts are ideal to use for this purpose.

Expect growing facial hair to be stiff

If you suffer from itching while the facial hair grows, ask a doctor to prescribe a hydrocortisone cream for you to apply on it. It is known that a hydrocortisone cream relieves the itching and rash behavior. Doctor consultation is necessary as your skin type may or may not respond positively to such ingredients.

Try these options and see yourself sporting a beard in no time. After all, beards are historical emblem of power. This is the only reason influential men sport this style. Growing a beard is also taken as a token of accomplishment. And it is a fact that beards are one of woman’s weaknesses so why lose out on the game knowing that you are in the race? While the growth of your beard may be dependent on your age and genetics, you must be patient and this is something most men lack. So once you are done, you too can sport a beard that looks drop dead sexy!

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