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5 Treatments for Tired Looking Skin

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Have you looked in the mirror recently and realized how tired your face looks?

We’re not talking about frazzled hair or bags under your eyes. We’re talking about your skin looking dull and tired.

There are several reasons why your skin isn’t looking vibrant and bright but, luckily, there are many solutions to help rejuvenate your skin. These include a regular exfoliation routine, applying a night cream, and using a vitamin c serum in the mornings.

Why Does My Skin Look So Tired, Anyways?

There could be several factors contributing to your skin’s dull appearance. Some are related to what you’re putting into your body while others are related to what you’re putting on your skin.

You’re Dehydrated

One of the easiest ways to help give your skin a boost from the inside is to start drinking more water. If you’re dehydrated, the volume of blood flowing to your skin decreases. This contributes to your skin looking pale or sickly. Because skin cells are composed mostly of water, they need tons of moisture from the inside and out.

Don’t think one glass of water will solve your problems. If you want glowing skin (and to avoid wrinkles forming), drink plenty of water.

Not Enough Nutrients

Eating the wrong foods or not getting enough of the right nutrients your skin needs can contribute to dull skin. Take some time to evaluate your diet to determine which essential vitamins are missing and which foods could be doing more harm than good to your skin.

Some of the best nutrients you can consume to get your skin glowing are Vitamins D, C, E, and K.

  •   For Vitamin D, eat salmon, tuna, and yogurt.
  •   For Vitamin C, eat citrus fruits, strawberries, and spinach.
  •   For Vitamin E, eat nuts and seeds like Brazil nuts, almonds, and flax seeds.
  •   For Vitamin K, eat dark leafy greens like kale, cabbage, and lettuce.

You’re Stressed

Stress is a huge contributor to acne and dull skin. Fighting stress is typically something people push aside as it’s abstract and difficult to deal with, but it’s standing between you and brilliant skin. Stress increases cortisol levels in your body which can block blood flow to your skin to repair it.

Try to take some time each day to relax through meditation or reading a book. Also, try to remove some responsibilities from your plate, so you feel less stressed.

What Other Things Can I Do to Boost My Skin?

In addition to ensuring you’re getting the proper nutrients and hydration, you should also incorporate the following steps into your beauty routine.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is great for your skin whether ingested or applied directly to the face. This vitamin helps your skin produce collagen, a structural protein in skin cells, which is why you’ll find many anti-aging products with vitamin C as a key ingredient.

Using a vitamin C serum in the morning before applying your primer or makeup helps to brighten the skin by injecting the nutrients directly to the outer skin layer.

Regular Exfoliating

Exfoliating regularly is a crucial step on your journey to having brighter skin. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells which can prevent your beauty products from getting to the living cells. Also, exfoliating can help increase the blood flow to your skin, which helps to brighten it.

Moisturizing Night Cream

We talked about hydrating your skin from the inside, but it also needs moisture from the outside. Applying a nourishing night cream before bed gives skin plenty of time to absorb extra moisture to make your skin glow.


Toners are a great way to remove any remaining dust, dirt or pollution from your skin after washing with your regular cleanser. Removing other impurities will help your skin breathe, making it brighter.

We suggest applying a toner in the evening after washing your face.

Add a Retinoid

Retinoids are an essential ingredient in anti-aging products. They are related to vitamin A and increase the skin’s thickness and elasticity. Retinoids also discourage the breakdown of collagen. Essentially, the fewer wrinkles and tauter the skin, the brighter your complexion.

Goodbye, Dull Skin

We covered many steps to help you achieve beautiful, bright skin. Don’t be discouraged if it seems like a lot. The beauty products we covered like vitamin C serum and night creams are easy to adopt into your routine.

An easy trick to remember for glowing skin is what’s good for your insides are good for your outsides.


  1. Sophia Alves

    October 26, 2017 at 11:27 pm

    Great post ! thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Swarupa

    August 23, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    Really help full article especially for the 9 to 6 working women

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