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5 Valentine’s Day Etiquette for Men

The day for showing your love and concern to your soul mate and partner comes once in a year. Hence, it is your responsibility to make it big and special. Valentine’s Day feels great if you are in love. However, celebrating the day is not only concerned with spending a lot of money and buying the most expensive gift for your girl. It is the day to celebrate your relationship in the best possible way.

Heart Valentine's day

The article talks about some of the basic etiquettes for men that can make this Valentine even more special for the lady in your life. Have a look at them.

Celebrate the day in vintage style

Bouquets, cards and love letter might sound cliche, but it’s a classic way of expressive your love. Celebrate the entire Valentine week in the traditional way. You need not go over-the-board. Just keep it simple. The gifts for this week should be a whisper and not a shout. Give her a rose, a box of chocolate or Valentine card and your lady love will go head over heels.

Be a real gentleman

Chivalry never dies. No matter how modern and independent you girl is, she will always appreciate your courtesy and etiquette. There is nothing more romantic than sharing the dance floor with your girl. So, take some dancing lesson prior to the Valentine week and surprise her by inviting her on the floor. Take her out for a dinner date. Get down on your knees and confess your feeling. This will make the day memorable not only for you, but for you as well. Make the payments and keep the phone away while you are with her.

Dress well

Whether you are celebrating the V-day at home or at a resort, you may as well dress sharp for it. Leave your denim jeans and casual at home. Wear a formal shirt with a contrasting decent trouser. You may or may not be a blazer guy, but wearing a nice suit is important. This can give you a little more stylish look. Match your footwear with the color of your belt. You can even wear a necktie if you wish. Accessorize your outfit properly with wristwatch, cuff-links, pocket-square and groom yourself well. The cloth should be clean and ironed. Not only this, the undergarment is equally important. Pair an exotic style of men’s underwear with the attire. It will take your confidence to new heights.

Be punctual

The lady is well-versed with your nature, but this is a special day. So, try to be a bit more organized and punctual. Don’t keep your woman waiting for long and be at the venue before time. Prepare for the day and do the bookings from before hand. This won’t appear fake, but cute.

Don’t get drunk

You can share a glass of wine with your valentine, but don’t get drunk. Opening a bottle of champagne is inevitable at such occasions, but you need to control your drinking habits. One of the basic courtesy says that you should pick the girl and drop her home after the date. Hence, you just can’t afford to get legless on such an auspicious occasion. So, spend some quality time with your lady and don’t drink like a fish.

Flex the trend in which you have been the celebrating Valentine’s Day all these years. Be a little creative and you will be able to make this day special for your Valentine.

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