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6 Fashion Blunders to Avoid this Festive Season

There’s some fashion markers that make me shake my head with disdain when I see a man walking past, putting on some festive lights or handing some gifts. But there are certain styles that make me downright cringe. So, here’s presenting a compilation of blunders that you as a man should definitely not make this festive season to shine out the best in your own suave style.

Oversized/undersized clothes


This is a big no. Wearing a baggy kurta or a suit three sizes bigger to you won’t get you charming smiles from anyone. In the same way, trying to bust out your muscles by wearing something three sizes below would only make the buttons pop out in the worst of a way. No matter if you’re skinny or broad shouldered, thin or healthy, wear clothes your size and let them appeal the best.

Buttoning up to the core



Yes, this is a legitimate factor that everyone notices. Leaving one button open works in a very positive manner for every man out there. It looks stylish, it looks smart, and it oozes of confidence. Upon wearing a jacket with two buttons, it’s advisable to leave the lower one open. Similarly, upon wearing a three-buttoned jacket, leave the last one open. Let the suffocation flow and the polished body tone set it.

Pants that flow beneath the shoes



Another point to be taken into consideration before attending any festive length is getting the pants altered or looking for one that fits perfectly. A lot of men wear pants, pajamas under kurtas, or any such bottom clothing that are so long, they create bundles at the beginning of the shoes. The laces are not visible, and oftentimes there’s a chance of tripping over the pant length. Go with a length that is proper to your height, or it would just look preposterous.

Ignoring the fabrics

Fabrics for men

Festive season is all about lighting and decoration and setting up of beautiful interiors. Wearing a material that can easily catch fire, or can turn out terribly wrong against some decoration, is plain stupid. Ensure to not make this mistake and choose your fabric carefully.

All blacks

brown kurta for men

Festivities are bound to bounce colours of the walls. They are so vibrant that your dull black wardrobe will just ooze mourning and sadness. Wear colours, wear patterns that suit the body style. Wearing monochromes completely would make it disastrous for a festive occasion. Team up your colours and dance away. Contrastingly, don’t wear too many prints.

Jewellery and accessories

 mens accessories

Most good jewellery a man needs is a classy watch, a wedding ring if married, and some fashion accessories to go with the outfit. Exceeding onto it, wearing bracelets, too many necklaces, etc would become severely tacky.

Right from not using too much cologne, to wearing the correct shoes, a man has got to keep everything in check when getting ready for that festive party. Gone are the days when they can get shabbily dressed in under five minutes. Take out time, and dress to perfection to create a good impression.

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  1. vidya

    October 27, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks for sharing this great suggestion. Will keep them in mind.

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