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6 Winter Beauty Tips and Tricks for Men

Calling out to every man out there for an important piece of information: we’ve got a way to keep your skin and hair protected this cold winter season if you just adhere to the following rules. Go ahead, and give it a try.


It is definitely a letdown when the skin or the face appears all cracked and dry – something that is a possibility in the cold winters. So make it a point to moisturize the hands, feet, and the face. Take out time from your daily hassle to earn benefits from it, men. Depending upon your skin type, choose the moisturizer with care.

Keep those lips fresh and soft

This might sound excessively girly to a few, but one would be surprised at how easily the lips chap and how unappealing it looks to everyone around. Furthermore, for utmost personal health and care, men have got to apply lip balm, ghee or any such product that would keep the lips soft, pink and beautiful.

Keep the whiskers clean and healthy

That’s right, men’s grooming involves special care for the beard and mustache, and we’re all well aware of how important a man’s beard is to his swagger. So, one has to make it a must to keep his whiskers all clean and healthy. Apply beard oil and shampoo for the best of results, especially right after a hot shower when the pores on the skin are all open and the hair is soft.

Hair oiling

Get ready for the season of ‘champi’ by splashing some oil in your hair and massaging it thoroughly. Not only is this process highly relaxing, the oil provides warmth to the hair in the cold weather and keeps it shiny and lustrous after washes. Dry hair in winters is a big no-no.

Green Tea

Yes, this is not a product to be applied on the face or the hair or the skin to illustrate one’s beauty, but green tea has several benefits that work internally to provide one a healthy lifestyle. It cleans up your system, prevents sickness, destresses the mind to bring out a natural glow on the face, and so much more.

Lemon, rose water and almonds

Make pastes out of almonds, or mix lemon with water, or apply rose water on the face to give it an upbeat natural radiance that fights dryness in the winters. By using these pastes, the skin gets rejuvenated and attains softness.

So, men, take out some time from the daily hassle you are involved in to take special care of your skin, hair and face this winter season. Winter is all about dryness and roughness, but one can fight it by using the aforementioned tips and tricks to get a beautiful healthy aura.

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