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Ace-ing the Groom Outfit – Ideas and Advice

It’s finally the D-Day and the bride and groom are almost up to tie the knot. All eyes are feasting on how grand the marriage/reception setup is. The flowers, the lighting and everything under ones vicinity is admired upon very keenly, but not for long. It’s her day after all! It’s the bride that steals the thunder – be it her attire, jewelry or the hairdo and makeup, it is always the bride that enjoys the limelight. But this exactly is what makes the groom a bigger person. He takes it upon himself to make sure that the lady he marries feels special that day.

This doesn’t mean that the groom will be wearing rugs. A groom’s clothing on this special occasion displays simplicity but a hint of royalty; hence making sure that he is on par with the bride but doesn’t exceed or fall low on the style and traditional quotient. Here are a few clothing ideas from The Fashion and City, that aptly puts front the best styles for grooms.

NOTE – Very Important: No matter what your final selection is, make sure it goes in sync with the Bride’s outfit.

The MAN in black:

Black has always been a statement quotient, but what about weddings and receptions? A Jet black embroidered sherwani accompanied with a cream-ish peshawari pants would sign the deal. With a hint of gold and red for the buttons and pocket square respectively would be a great addition. To finally seal the deal, a black mojari and a manly enough pearl necklace would complement the outfit.

Red Velvet:

It, after all, is the celebration of love and what best color to depict a beginning of this journey than Red. But the regular red wouldn’t do justice. So, add in a bit more glitter and stripe your red Sherwani with diagonal thin black strips and that’s exactly what a perfect reception attire would look like. As for the peshawari, a red silk material would be a great match.

A Colorful You:

For the ones that do not shy away with a few colors on their attire, go floral! Flowers go great with a Groom’s attire and there isn’t anything feminine about it. A knee-length English colored floral prints on a mint green fabric is something not all could fancy. Wear a white peshawari with a juti that goes well with the colors and you have a winner.

The Geometric Cut:

Golden kurtas are always a classic but it is more so when a diagonally cut overcoat is worn. The golden buttons with a rich embroidered golden collar on the coat is a sight of envy. Pair it with a golden silk dhoti pants and again a black mojari; now you have a geometric designed wedding/reception outfit that will take away a bit of your better half’s limelight.

The Royal Ivory:

Be it a thin horizontal or vertical embroidered line or an embossed effect on an ivory colored sherwani, the end result is always magnificent. Ivory has been considered the standard sherwani color for decades and it wouldn’t be a surprise that the rich visual feeling is the sole reason behind it. But give it a color of algae green embroidery designs for the cuff and collar and voila, you have something that any would dare compete with this outfit. Wear dark golden breeches and sherwani shoes of the same color and you are all set to display your royalty.

Well, though these would be some of the best choices, the selection finally falls on you. Make sure that the outfit you wear makes you feel comfortable and accompanies the best with your bride.

Author: Syed Asif

A wandering soul with an unquenched thirst. Dull… Hideous… A right amount of funny… And lately obese… One good thing, i love writing, not the studies stuff… Films… Crazy about those.

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