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All About Anklets: Why Indian Women Wear Anklets, Latest Designs & Styling Tips

Anklets might be just a mere piece of fashion jewelry to the people living out of India but in India anklets are adorn for centuries. Though it has been noticed that anklets has some significance in Egyptian and middle-eastern countries also, in India it has certain auspicious values. Almost every Indian girl and women love wearing anklets and if you are looking out for the latest  design and styling tips for wearing anklets then stick to the rest of the post. Also, if you want to buy some latest anklets designs then check out online anklets for girls. Here’s all about anklets that you might want to explore across the web.

Why Indian Women Wear Anklets?

 In Indian tradition, every piece of jewelry has its own significance and importance, so does anklets.

* Traditional History

 Since the times of king’s rule, jewelry worn by the queen of the kingdom was symbolized as the wealth of the kingdom and every piece of jewelry has its own significance. Back then, anklets were adorned by Indian women as a part of their ‘Sohla (16) Shringar,’ which they wear for their husbands. According to Hindu mythology, anklets are only supposed to be mended in silver metal not gold because gold is considered to be sacred and auspicious.

*Scientific Reasons

 Wearing gold & silver jewelry not only has traditional sentiments but also some rational reasons. Here are some of rational reasons of wearing ‘silver anklets.’

  • Indian women tend to wear a lot of gold jewelry which produces a lot of electrical current in the body. In order to keep the positive energy flowing in the body and to counter these electric currents, the practice of wearing silver anklets was acknowledged.
  • A good fashionable way to get rid of leg pain, numbness /weakness and swelling.
  • Silver anklets also increases immunity by activating lymph glands.
  • Anklets can also helps in dealing feminine issues such as menstrual-cycle disorder and other hormonal imbalances.
  • Wearing anklets acn also prevent one’s bodily energy from wasting i.e. It re-vibrates that energy to one’s own body.

Latest Anklets Designs

Anklets are no-more a symbol of married women. It has become a fashion trend now. As much as Indian women like to wear anklets, Indian girls also do but in a whole new way.

Boho is the Newest Trend

Since the time, bohemian fashion kicked in, anklets has become a fashion jewelry in almost every part of the world. Everybody has bowed to those beautiful tribal and colorful junk jewelry and are still in trend right now. Bohemian fashion has gave a new sense of dressing and styling to all the fashion junkies. They come in thousands of different styles to pick from and some of the categories are explained below:

*Anklets with colorful threaded beads

 These type of anklets comes in almost every color to match your every outfit. They are so light-weight and so affordable. These are the perfect style statement for summers that speaks for itself.

* Metallic Anklets

 Inspired by the traditional anklets, metallic anklets gives you a sense of wearing some sort of antiques. These kind of anklets are single-chained and  comes in sleek design which are perfect to rock your any ethnic wear.

*Gypsy Anklets

 These kind of anklets give you a total boho feel and comes with multi-chained and big hangings. These can be threaded as well as metallic or alloyed.

*Tie-up Anklets Attached to a Toe Ring

 These comes as a barefoot sandals with lot of tassels and hanging beads. These sort of anklets gives you a total hippy vibes, wearable at beach and weddings and at dance routines.

Style Tips For Wearing Anklets

As said “ Fashion is what you buy but Style is what you decide to do with it.” There are millions of way mix-match any outfit with the jewels that compliments . As the anklets became the global fashion accessory, they are so much fun to style.

 The Ethnic Charmer

 As some traditional function or festival commence in our families, we tend to take out our expensive, heavy and least worn clothes. And when it comes to jewelry, we try to keep them traditional too.

So the basic, subtle and traditional pair of anklets with exceptional meenakaris are the best option for any cultural or traditional event.

Fusion-up the Western Outfits with Boho Anklets

 As the bohemian fever is going strong all around the world, the more we are inclining towards those fashion trends. Pair the funky, hippy and bohemian anklets with your flowy summery short or long dress. It will surprisingly change the whole look of your outfit for good.

Here, we have summarized about one of the jewelry piece- anklets, We have mentioned all about anklets from their history to latest designs trending around, and from their rational values to fashionable values.

Description: Jewelry to woman are like her emotion or sentiments attached to her body. If you are lone of them who adorn jewelry to bits, specially anklets then we have constructed this post just for you.


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  1. Navdeep Dadwal

    May 22, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    Anklets and we Indian women share quite the history. Be it for whatever reason I find these accessories quite the game changer. From metal to gypsy and boho I find all these designs quite contemporary and coming of the age. Salute to the writer for compiling up these beauties that make our heartbeats dance to the rhythm.

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