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Be Wedding Ready In 5 Simple Steps

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Happily ever after takes work. You may have a gigantic rock on your finger, but that is not even the first step to a perfect wedding! And if you have dreamt of that special day for a long time, you know you need it to be perfect.

Right from the venue, to the bridal trousseau, to the hair and make-up–you have to get it right to a nicety to be able to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

Certain hacks can come in handy! So take a gander and get wedding-ready. Here’s to the best day of your life!

  • Get your beauty sleep–or fake it

Beauty Sleep

We get it! Weddings can be stressful! Those wedding jitters are completely normal. Little wonder then that you are losing out on that beauty sleep. But let that not be a reason for having suitcases under your eyes! De-puff those tired eyes with by trying this simple home remedy. Soak a couple of tea bags for about 2 minutes before placing them in the refrigerator for half an hour or so. Squeeze out the excess water and place them on your eyelids while you lie down with your eyes shut. This simple hack works like a charm! Alternatively, you can book a quick spa appointment. We suggest BBlunt’s speedy 30-minute long eye rescue.  Make your eyes shine brighter and let everyone see that twinkle!

  • Keep clear of stress

Keep Yourself Stree Free

You know you want your mane to be the envy of everyone on your wedding day! Make sure you pamper yourself silly and take special care of those locks for at least a month before your wedding. No more of all that excessive styling and damaging heat treatments. Give your hair a chance to breathe and flow. Opt for a head massage, or cold pressed oil treatments. Try Turquoise Salon and Spa or Indesi Salon and Academy for rejuvenating hair therapies as well as for incredible D-day packages!

  • Fit and Fab

Make yourself Fit and Fab

So you found the perfect wedding clothes, but unfortunately, they are too tight on you? No, bother! It’s only natural to be in a celebratory mood! Over indulgence can be forgiven. After all, you are getting married! But we know just having that radiant, happy glow won’t do it for you. You want to be the perfect size for those perfect clothes. Why not get started? Opt for relaxing weight loss methods like yoga, or let the endorphins flow with intense cardio sessions. Take advantage of the great deals available at Inch By Inch The Body Temple for kickboxing, spinning classes and hot yoga sessions.

  • Dress to impress?

Impress with nice dress

Your wedding dress means the world to you! And it should too. It has to be the right colour and the right fabric. It has to accentuate your best features and flatter even your worst! It has to fit like a glove and make you feel like the queen you are. Try Jade Boutique, The Little Black Bow Store, Shruti Seth Couture, Aza Boutique or Kalki Fashion Store among others, for sundry lehengas, sarees, dresses and diverse patterns.

  • Make-up on fleek

makeup ideas

Be circumspect about your make-up on this momentous day. It is a beginning of a new life and you have to look your best in the photos that will commemorate this day for eternity! Make sure your skin looks dewy and hydrated as opposed to cakey and clumpy. Drinks loads of water, eat your veggies and opt for some facial treatments before the big day. Try Aura Thai Spa or Reflections Salon and Spa for some soothing, invigorating massages and facials. Be sure to choose a well established, or a super talented make-up artist for your make-up. Bridal makeup is complex and intricate, and you do not want to end up looking hideous on what might be possibly the most important day of your life.

Above all, remember a happy bride is a gorgeous bride.
A beautiful smile and the man who inspires it by your side is all you really need!
The wedding might just be a day, but it is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!

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