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Beat The Heat with Cotton Churidar

Ladies, summer is here and we all know how bad the scorching heat is? Also, don’t forget what all things our skin and hair had to suffer because of the sweat and dusty winds. Whenever the summers are here I always feel that loose cotton clothes are best outfits, because it lets your skin breathe. Cotton clothes not only let’s moisture control and the fabric is really versatile. The smooth fabric doesn’t absorb odour, as the oil-based fabrics do. And, because of this amazing quality that cotton clothes own, I prefer to ditch my jeans during summers and wear some comfy and breathable clothes. Cotton pyjamas, churidar, suits and kurtas are on my list during summers.

The Reason for Not Wearing Jeans

I have told that I don’t like to wear jeans during summers and there is a specific reason behind this. Justification to this is that whenever I wear jeans, there is something that makes me feel fixed. Jeans hold my skin like anything making me less comfortable because of the sweat and it’s greasiness plus it makes me uncomfortable too. Even my legs and inner thigh area suffer from harsh rashes and redness. So, for once and all I decided to leave jeans during summers and switching to the cool and soft clothing.

Cotton Ethnic Wear to The Rescue

Ethnic wear is in nowadays and there are so much trendy designs and patterns that one cannot say no to it. After looking at the trendy ethnic wear I thought to give it a try and also had a conversation with my mom. When my mom heard that I want to wear suit she was surprised, because I’m someone who would purchase Indian suit, will wear them once or twice on any function and then the outfit will keep hanging in my almirah. Every time whenever I would say that I need a new suit for the function she clearly used to say no. but, this time she was amazed, as I need ethnic wear, not for any function but regular wear. She asked me several times if I really want to wear ethnic and I’m not joking. It took a lot of time to convince that I really want churidars, kurtas, palazzo and pajamas.

Shopping for My Ethnic Wear

After a lot of discussion with mother and finally when she said yes, I started imagining which kind of ethnic wear I need. I was just in my dreams, that my mom said you should purchase a suit from the same shop where she goes to purchase hers. I was reluctant and clearly said no to her, to which the usual mom thing started that you girls don’t know where to purchase the right fabric, design and trendy style. Maybe I don’t know about the fabric or any other thing, but there is one place that never lets me down. That perfect place is Myntra, my one-stop online shopping destination for all fashion related queries. I showed my mother that this site not only has western wear but some really classy ethnic wear. She was quite amazed at the collection they have. Even my mom knows that the quality is fantastic, so she helped me to choose my outfits whether kurti, churidar or palazzo.

So, I did shopping for my summers, what are you guys waiting for? After reading doesn’t wait anymore. Just start browsing Myntra’s site and own some really classy ethnic wear for yourself.

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