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Best Shoes for Standing All Day – Buying Guide

People who spent a lot of time standing may experience pain at their joints, legs, feet and knee. This can be reduced, or you can completely get rid of this problem in some cases, if you are wearing a proper fit shoe for your feet. There are many factors to look for while choosing a shoe for standing, walking, running all day. Let’s look at the factors in brief below.

Characteristics to consider while choosing a shoe for standing all day

Proceed below to check few of the important factors you need to look for while selecting a shoe for standing all day that would fit your feet perfectly.

Material of the Shoe

You need to know whether the shoes are made of high-grade quality, as choosing the wrong shoe can bring more adverse effects. Go for leather material as they tend to last longer for years. Another benefit of the leather material is that it can keep your feet dry as the material has the capability of absorbing sweat.

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But if you need to get a shoe as per your budget, then you can prefer to go with rubber or synthetic as leather is expensive. But spending amount for leather could save your money that you spend for other materials.

Shoe Width

It’s essential to check whether your shoes are not too narrow or wide for your feet, make sure it’s neither loose nor tight, and note your feet width before you go purchasing a shoe for standing or walking all day.

Based on the advanced technology

Check whether the shoe you choose to match up with the advanced technologies, presently the technology includes shock absorption, anti-fatigue and other reliable, another important feature is to check for the support and protection provided by the shoes for standing all day.

Height of the Heel

Always prefer to choose heels that are 1 to 1.5 inches and not beyond as they may be the reasons for the pains too, high heel shoes would not be a perfect fit for people who spend their all day at their feet.

Shoe Padding

While considering the padding of the shoes, it’s important to have a cushion for the relaxation and comfort. This padding material is made of high grade and weatherproof materials and therefore capable of withstanding any temperature.

How Secure the Shoe is

While you are the work, as a teacher, nurse or athletes it’s mandatory that you do not slip because of your shoes. Sliding off can be prevented by having straps, lace or Velcro straps along with your shoes. If you are just opting to any shoe, then you will feel the stress at your legs and knee, so be careful in choosing the right shoes for your feet.

Light Weight Shoes

While considering the weight, the shoes need to be very less in weight so that you can feel light and also play as you are playing with your feet. Some professionals who are into tennis and other games should not prefer ultra light weight as this may feel them low and cause a distraction while playing.

Shoe Style

Sometimes there are chances for not getting your preferred style as you need to consider comfort as the primary factor. If so, Focus on comfort rather than the style. But at present, there are different models of shoes with various styles for standing all day, try it at different shops or purchase online, as you can find them at affordable rates too.


Once you have decided the right type of shoe for standing all day, check for the customer reviews and rating on the product, this will give you the clear cut understanding whether you need to get the product or not.


Most of the people prefer to go with low budget as it is shoes, but they are the ones who are going to prevent you from the hurdles and other leg problems. So it’s not wrong to spend some money on the shoes.


Choose the shoe from the brand that is providing the warranty and guarantee for the product.

Bottom Line

Hope the above buying guide will help in choosing the right type of shoes for standing all day.

Authors Bio

Brett Shawn was born and raised in the Orlando, United States. He owns a sports shop in the US on the name Best Shoe Paradise; he is also a sportsman, teacher, and entrepreneur.

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