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Boyshort Panties The Perfect Innerwear

Panties play an essential aspect as per occasion, mood, and style. Apart from the having the perfect silk silhouette, choosing the right colour and right cut is also important. Having perfect collection of panties is must for every woman. Thong, hipster, G-string, brief, bikini, seamless and boyshort are a few that every woman should own. Most of the time women do not consider which panty would look on which dress and as per their body type. Like other women’s I was also confused which one is perfect for my body. I would keep experimenting, without even knowing which one is better. I tried seamless to get rid of the panty lines, but that made me uncomfortable. I had rashes too and all these things made me decide to dispose of it.

Zivame Perfect Place to Buy Intimate Wear

Before experimenting with any other panty, I was thoroughly doing the research. I kept checking on the internet which could be the finest panty. Every online portal has something, but that didn’t impress me at all. At last, I found Zivame, that has solutions to all my intimate wear problems. They have an ultimate collection of panties that are specially crafted as per every woman personal choice. As I was looking out for panties, I found the perfect boyleg panties. The boyshort panties available at the online store stole my eyesight. I was quite amazed that even girls have their briefs just like men. This was a completely new range of panties for me, and as soon as I saw them I was eager to purchase them. I was keen to try them and I ordered them right away.

The Packaging of The Box

The day my intimate wear arrived I was excited. The best part of ordering from Zivame is the discreet packing. I read about this special thing online and didn’t make me hesitant that what the delivery guy would think. The packaging was done in a plain packaging with a plain brown box. The original brand packing is inside the box and that white polybag. This is an impressive thing done by the intimate wear brand to not disclose what a person has purchased. for the packaging thing only I was about to give full marks, but wait what if the material is not good, it’s not as per my fitting? I opened that box and found by boyleg panty boxes. Every panty was in a separate box and that made me feel just wow.

Fabulous Material and Fit

After getting awestruck with their packing thing, I was expecting that the material and the fit. Well, the material also made me feel amazing. The panties are soft, ultra-comfortable style and lightweight fabric. The cloth used for creating the excellent innerwear is comfortable, stretchable fabric giving me a freedom to perform any activity without getting uncomfortable. These women brief not only made me comfortable but also confident while wearing them. Now I do not have to get conscious of the unattractive and annoying panty line. The panty line is hidden, and my bulging butt part got hidden. I’m now able to wear my favourite clothes without wearing that I won’t look good even I do not have to check my outfit every time.

So, if you are also feeling the same as I felt after buying Boyshorts then make sure that you are comfortable with the material they are made of. I personally will prefer to go for cotton panties rather than any other fabric. Also, buy the one that you think that you need, instead of overbuying the intimate wears just like me.

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  1. Tanaya

    October 7, 2018 at 12:26 am

    Intimate Nation also has very comfortable and great fabric innerwear

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