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Can Grooming Your Facial Hair Make You Manlier ?

Men naturally tend to be very hairy, and this is one trait that sets them apart from women, even though today’s lifestyle has seen to it that fewer men are very hairy than it was before.

Men’s hair grooming has had some controversy over time because of the perception that grooming has a way to soften a person’s features, which is a preference for women more than men. It would be nice to have all answers to aesthetic questions, wouldn’t it?

Well, the fashion industry has changed things up making male grooming better acceptable, but that is not precisely the concern with male hair grooming. Rather, it is about how to appear manlier with hair grooming.

The definition of what is considered manly has changed a lot so that long bushy facial hair is no longer representative of masculinity. Men are going for muscle and abs development, colognes, safety razor blades for shaving, and clothing to amplify their masculine features. Still, it is true that hair grooming can soften your features, but it is equally valid that grooming can make you manlier.

Is having a mane profitable?

If you are in support of beards being profitable, you are probably on the right side. Beards are a fantastic feature that is not just a boost to your masculinity, but has a couple more benefits for you:

Natural Sunscreen

Your beard can protect your face from the damaging sun rays, decreasing the surface for sunburns, leathery skin, and wrinkles.


The facial hair acts like a blanket that is a barrier of protection keep warmth from leaving the body, which is ideal for the winter season.

Reduces chances for bacterial infection

Bacterial infections are the leading causes of acne. While bacteria naturally exist on the skin, beards keep out external bacteria from getting to our face flaring up into acnes.

Improved sex life

Researchers say that there is a significant correlation between facial hair and the probability for sex. It is noted that the trigger for beard growth is related to the resumption of sexual activity. This means that the higher the chances of sexual activity happening, the higher the amount of testosterone is secreted, which result in increased beard growth.


Facts about grooming your beard

Facial hair is considered among the top masculine features of a man, as an indicator of high testosterone hormone in the body. A beard, whether a stubble or a mustache, has a great significance in aesthetics.

Men generally have different types of beards that grow at different rates in different areas on your face, just like other hair types. The longer a beard grows, the more attention it demands

Even so, some perceptions are generally associated with distinctive facial hair. In fact, study shows that men with striking facial hair are associated with traits like aggression and dominance, which are not attractive traits in men. Today, women prefer gentlemen over aggressive ones.

Grooming of the facial hair does more than just improve your aesthetic appearance, and here’s how:

Increases sociability

Sociability is a trait admirable in people that increases the attractiveness of men as gentlemen. Shaving or trimming your beard presents you as a sociable human that has his life figured out. A few years ago, long bushy beards were considered a sign of physical maturity in men, even to point out levels of wisdom. Today things have changed.

Undeniably, there is a change of perception so much that people have appreciated clean-shaved men as more mature than those with beards. Growing beards is now seen as a phase in life which men need to grow out of soon enough. People now have a preference for men with tamed facial hair because they appear to be more in their element with a sense of understanding regarding knowledge, especially in the corporate world.

Sets you up for success

A man is respected for his sense of responsibility. In this century, a successful working man is an attractive man.

The nature of the corporate world right now is more lenient on men with groomed beards, because it is a sign that the man is responsible enough to set time for grooming. People are more likely to trust a properly groomed man to close down a deal over one that is densely haired and poorly groomed.

Is indicative of cleanliness

Many people find stubbles as inherently attractive as per different studies. However, as matters cleanliness, clean-shaven faces are considered top of the list. Facial hair that is well-kempt credits the man for cleanliness, while the vice is often interpreted as a sign of sluggishness in personal grooming.

Easier beard management

Since you cannot pause your hair growth, it is vital that you keep it under control.

Grooming your beard is all about efficiently managing your hair. Hair can every so often clump into knots and get tangled at the hair tips, with pieces of fabric or food particles. The use of beard oil, combing and trimming are all grooming methods that could help your free your beard from tangles for easier management.

Upturns sexual appeal

A beard is undeniably an attractive feature in men, with groomed men ranking higher on the attractiveness. While it is true that most women find men with beards more attractive, study shows that there is increased preference for groomed beards, whether mustaches or stubbles. The trimming and the defined cuts give men better-framed face which increases their sexual appeal, equating to a manlier sensation.

Gives you different facial structures

A beard is what frames the face of a man. Grooming it can manipulate people into seeing you as more manly than you are. This is especially advantageous for men without a pronounced jawline. Different styling is also a grooming technique to keep your appearance more versatile, giving you more definition on your chin.

Creates beard fullness

It might be crazy to think that trimming can make your beard fuller, even though it is factual. A fuller beard is considered manlier than a scarce one, and trimming is already an easy method to achieve this goal. Trimming shapes your mane by removing the stray hairs, which gives you a fuller and thicker look.

Is a confidence booster

Nothing feels better than getting your physical look on point. Grooming your mane is a step towards physical appeal and could do an excellent job in boosting your confidence.

Beards are supposed to be a manly feature, and therefore people expect men to have facial hair. Still, it is not enough if your mane does not make you feel good about yourself. Just like how women do their hair to build their confidence, grooming your beard can give you a manlier feel and an elevated level of confidence.

Hair grooming tips for every man should try out

As you re reading this, you are probably stroking your bearded chin thinking through how to achieve a kempt look for your facial hair. Worry no more, because here for you are ten tips to get you started:

  • Keep it natural

The good thing about being a man is the fact that little effort will always be appreciated. Keep your hair natural in terms of color and texture. If any adjustments should be made, ensure they are minimal so that your hair is not too straightened, permed or extremely treated. It is manlier to stay natural.

  • Get a suitable haircut

Different haircuts suit different ages, face frames, and hair type.

Make sure that the haircut you pick compliments your stubble or mustache because your face is the focal point of your body. Go for more mature hairstyles that will make you manlier.

  • Minimize use of heat

It should be easy for you as a man to manage your hair without constant reliance on heat. Heat can have irreversible damage on hair, which is why it should only be used when necessary.

  • Sparingly use hair products

There are a variety of hair products that are in stores suitable for men, but unlike women, men do not need to use up a lot of products for hair management. Pick up a few quality hair products like after-shave creams, gels, and shaving creams and use them sparingly for grooming.

  • Trim your mane

Keep your hair neat and at an appropriate length by trimming periodically, depending on how fast your hair grows. This is an excellent substitute for clean-shaves that might not be a preferable option for all men.

  • Be consistent with your grooming routine

Embrace a consistent hair grooming routine that befits your hair growth. Some men have a faster growth rate for facial hair than others do. If the hair on your head grows equally as fast as your beard, consider trimming your stubble during your hair appointment at the salon.

Once you decide to shave or trim your hair, consistency is primary because facial hair tends to be itchy when growing which can be embarrassing when people misjudge that for poor hygiene.

  • Wash and moisturize

Even men’s hair gets damaged due to dehydration. Consider using moisturizers on your hair to keep it strong and healthy. Moisturizing will also serve some good to the skin on your face as well as your scalp.

When washing your hair, use different shampoos for the hair on your head and your beard. Opt for an actual beard shampoo since the other type of shampoo causes split ends. Remember to avoid too frequent washing of your facial hair.

  • Use sharp quality shaving tools

The flaw in poor quality shavers is that they get blunt easily. A blunt object might shave off most of your hair, but hurt you in the long-run. Blunt tools pull hairs and put unnecessary pressure on your skin. The result is securing some cuts on your skin and poorly cut hair follicles that result in ingrowth hairs that cause discomfort and itchiness.

  • Stay healthy – diet and exercise

Hair is essential for aesthetic purposes and can be a statement that presents your masculinity.

Since hair is dependent on the health of your body to keep growing and have a natural glow to it, chose healthy lifestyles that will compliment your hair growth. Protein, for instance, helps build muscles, and that combined with exercise makes your body produces more testosterone, which is not only good for healthier hair but also makes your overall manlier.

  • Use the right tools

Hair is a delicate part of a human being, especially for the fact that it is on the face. Use the appropriate tools for shaving and trimming your hair, particularly for home grooming.

 Five basic must-have hair grooming tools for men

With the understanding that hair grooming can do more to emphasize your manly features than you thought, you will require to include a couple of grooming tools in your drawer:

  • Electric shaver

Every man needs to stock their home shelf with an electric shaver, particularly with the latest improvements that have made it more fit for shaving hair, beards as well as other body hairs.

  • Hair dryer

An adequately groomed mane is one that is frequently washed. Every man needs a hair dryer for two reasons: to dry your hair and style it. The heat from the dryer is a good way to manipulate your hair into a style of choice easily.

  • Hair Comb

This is the most popular yet primary hair grooming tool that everyone should have. For better grooming results, choose a fine cutting comb that will give you precision for short beard hair.

  • Safety razor

The safety razor, especially a double-edged one, is a useful tool for picking on fine facial hair. Be careful to choose a quality safety razor that does not pull at the skin causing ingrown hair that can both be irritating and quickly pick up bacteria.

  • Shaving brush

The shaving process can tend to be quite intense especially for long beards. Use a shaving brush to create a rich, creamy lather when using shaving creams, and also softens and lifts the hair strands before shaving them.

Beards generally demand patience and dedication to reach their full potential and achieve a manlier appearance. Convincingly, grooming facial hair is an aesthetic option that all men can consider, with the goals of appearing manlier and increasing attractiveness to women. If you feel like managing your facial hair is a little too demanding for you, opt for the clean shave, instead of slacking on grooming leaving your hair unsightly.

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