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Choosing the Right Watch for a Wedding

The ideal marriage lasts a lifetime. Excellent quality should be its defining attribute, and the value of the union should grow demonstrably over time.

A great watch should possess many of the same characteristics of a great marriage, which is why choosing the right watch for your wedding is truly a significant undertaking. As you select a timepiece to usher you into this timeless journey, keep a few important tips in mind:

Forever Memories Are Being Created


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As you prepare to walk down the aisle, it is a given that you want to look your very best. Your every step will be photographed and documented, every eye will be on you, and all of the meaningful people in your life will bear witness to this ultimate event.

If ever there were a time in your life to be focused on aesthetics, your wedding is that moment. So, as you search for the watch that will become a part of your everlasting memories and remain with you long after your special day, make sure to find a sleek and stylish one that is striking enough to match the occasion.

Quality is Key

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A phenomenal watch can do many things, but every watch serves one basic function: to keep the time. You can find a watch at just about any retail shop or store online, but finding one that does its job, and does it well, is often a different matter altogether.

Inexpensive watches produced en masse are often low in value as well as cost. It is not uncommon for these watches to fail within a year or so, and for visible deterioration of the materials to begin even sooner. Although watches from every point on the price spectrum may serve a purpose at times, your wedding is not the time to sacrifice quality in an effort to be economical.

Expert artisans are employed to craft the world’s finest timepieces. Some of the highest quality watches can take from many months up to a few years to complete –yet, the eminence of the final product more than justifies the time and expense. The superb craftsmanship and materials utilized by top-tier watch manufacturers offer a virtual guarantee that you can count on your luxury watch to keep the time for decades or beyond, typically requiring only occasional tune-ups between the years. Make sure the watch that you choose to accompany you as you say “I do” is capable of spending forever with you as well.

Plan for the Future

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A premier watch is capable of being more than just an accessory – it can also be a wise investment. If you are able to utilize a single watch for a lifetime, you are likely to find savings from that one major purchase when compared to having to buy countless low-cost watches over the years.

Additionally, if you select one of the industry heavyweights, such as Patek Phillipe or Rolex, you might find that your watch actually increases in value over time. In order for the worth of a watch to climb, it is important that the timepiece be kept in impeccable condition. Choose a watch from an online store like Watch Warehouse, where you can get amazing deals on luxury watches. When you finally pick the perfect watch, be sure to take great care of your watch, just as you plan to nurture your marriage and allow your wedding selection to prove its excellent value.

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Emma is a freelance writer and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has clients throughout LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. She loves writing about fashion and accessories. In her free time, she spends her days roaming boutiques to find the newest luxury trends to bring to her clients.



  1. ankush

    December 26, 2017 at 11:04 am

    a good watch on the wedding day is the must hence nice article

  2. luxaccess

    December 12, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    A very good collection of watches represent your fashion which may show your impression towards your family and loved once . A really like your content

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