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Dress Up In Nauvari Saree this Ganesh Festival

Nauvari Saree is the type of Saree, we see Maharashtrian women wearing. This type of Saree is extremely popular in that area, and it relates to their culture as well. The birth of the Kaashtha saree is from the way a dhoti is worn. The draping of the saree is very similar to the wearing of a dhoti. The word Kaashtha means a saree which is tucked at the back. Usually, the saree is worn with a single nine yard cloth, and hence the name Nauvari is given to it, which means nine yards. This type of Saree is also known as Sakachcha. It holds a great importance among the Maharashtrian women who have worn this saree from farms to the battle fields in the past. Indian ethnic wear has reached a new height with these latest fashion of sarees.

Usually, the basic concept of Nauvari Sarees is broadly classified into two categories:

Do-Tangri Nauvari Saree- In this style, the women wear the sarees up to the knees. This style of Nauvari Saree is usually worn by rural women.

Lavni Style Nauvari Saree- This style is pretty different from the former one, and it is a more sensuous style of wearing a Nauvari Saree. The pallu in this style is very long and contains loose ends near the feet.

Dress-up in a Nauvari Saree during Ganesh Festival

As Ganesh festival is one of the biggest festivals of Maharashtra, the best to dress traditional way of dressing up is by wearing a Nauvari Saree. There are many ways in which you can totally pull of the look, and they are as easy as wearing a normal saree. Here are some of the popular ways of wearing the latest fashion of sarees which you can wear during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Traditional Nauvari Drape 

Traditional Saree Drape for Women

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This type of drape is very well highlighted by its cowls and drapes which makes it very attractive and traditional. Here, the lower pleats are kept in a way that it faces the right hand side.

Traditional Maharashtrian Drape 

Traditional Maharashtrian Saree Drape

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This is a type of style in which saree is worn during any festival and function. This is a quite easy one as any silk saree would serve the purpose and almost any saree can be used to drape up in this style. It is worn by making pleats at the waist and the tuck in is kept in a way the it faces left.

Peshwai Nauvari Drape 

Peshwai Nauvari Saree Drape

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This is a style of wearing a Nauvari Saree which is also known as the Brahmini Style drape. It is quite popular for wearing during festivals or a Dance set up. From its centre of the waist, there is a curvy layer of border which falls over.

Marathi Style Drape

Marathi Style Saree Drape

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This is a very basic and comfortable type of wearing a Nauvari Saree. This way of wearing saree gives a feeling of a Marathi saree blending with basic drape. There is a knot tied at the waist and the pleats are tucked in a way which faces left side. Rani Mukherjee has been seen wearing this style of Saree in the movie Ayyiaa.

Jeweleries To Wear with Nauvari Saree

Jeweleries To Wear with Nauvari Saree

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While you are now given with lots of choices among the different styles of wearing a Nauvari Saree, it is equally important to deck up using the right type of jewellery. Take the Indian ethnic wear to a new level by wearing a nath on your nose is a must for this look. Thushi is a 22 carat gold choker which complements the look. An armband called Vaaki also highlights your arms. Complete the look by wearing Chooda or bracelets made of glass in, with both the hands.

Thus, this Ganesh festival is going to be your most stylish festival ever with a variety of different latest fashion of Sarees to choose from. Accessorize properly with this Indian ethnic wear and you are sure to stand out from the crowd.


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