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Dressing for an official meeting (Men/Women)

Official meetings have a buttoned-up air to them where strait-laced fellows may be on the lookout for your sartorial mistakes. Impressions matter as you may run out of a second chance to make your statement. While dressing for the meeting, the pressure to look dapper need not take its toll on you and your productivity.

Dressing up

Business attire

When meeting a prospective client or a business partner for the first time, the suit with its timeless appeal is the best choice. Don’t go for any suit as bad fitting would be evident. Suit shoulders must sit square where trousers need to be stop before the shoe. Paying attention to details matter and as such your dress must be ironed, clean and fresh. Wrinkles would definitely mar your persona. Abstain from wearing stained shirts with loose buttons. Wearing a chic leather strap wrist watch would help you make a statement when you would rest your hand on the table.

When it comes to shoes, leather ones leave their adversaries behind by miles. The shoes must be polished and of the same or darker tone as that of the trousers. Class should reign supreme over trend. Suits with loud colours or shirts with laidback patterns should be avoided. Concentrate on adding intensity to your personality rather than spoiling it with casual approach.

Other considerations

Women dressing

Geographic considerations also matter. If your meeting is planned with international clients, you may research a bit on the formal attire preferred by people of that particular country and up your formality or cover your skin accordingly. The kind of industry you are in also dictate the amount of creativity or conservativeness in your business dress. If you are not comfortable in the formal attire, it would affect your confidence adversely.

For women, it is preferable to keep your hair simple and smooth. Don’t let the hair fall and cover your face inadvertently. The person you are having an audience with will be distracted. Team up your upper garment with pencil skirt or cool trousers with an element of smartness. Increase the level of professional sophistication as per the demand of the situation. Wear a perfume whose fragrance will not fade away quickly. Aromas that are strong and overpowering are often off-putting. Minimalistic modern jewellery which will not distract will help you make your point easily.

Right dress for the meeting will help you command the deserved attention and respect with ease.

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  1. Francesca

    November 25, 2015 at 4:09 am

    Amazing tips *_*

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