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Eye Liner Tips For Smaller Eye Lids

Eyes may be called as a window to the soul but the girls with small eyelids are mostly worried about how to enhance the beauty of their sparkling eyes. The incorrectly done eye makeup can ruin the natural beauty of your facial feature. Ladies with small eyelids need to understand and follow some essential tips and techniques to make their eyes look large and vivid. You must have seen makeup artists doing magic and giving luscious look the girls with small eyelids. Although being regular folks we might not be as perfect in this field but here we share some very useful and easy-to-do tips for applying flawless eyeliner in order to make your eyes appear large and vivacious. Remember that these tips are makeup experts ‘secrets revealed and you won’t find them elsewhere.

Eyeliner is a crucial makeup product for girls with small eyelids, as it works wonders by giving fuller, thicker, and healthier look to you, if applied correctly.

Eye Liner Tips


The first thing to do, if you are going to apply eye line, is to relax and be in comfortable position. Use your right hand for applying liner while the left hand should be used to assist by pulling the skin of eye lids as required. Keep your eye lids taut so that you have a smooth surface to work on avoiding any unwanted smudge.


Choose the right winged eyeliner product. If you want a little smoky look, you should use pencil eyeliner, but for the small eyelids, a liquid liner is best, recommended by makeup artists. A liquid liner creates an incredibly svelte look or party look with cat eye makeover.


Eyebrows hold a position of a frame for your eyes. You should make sure that your eyebrows are well trimmed and shaped beautifully so that the eyeliner gives a wonderful illusion of bigness eyes to your small eyelids.


Before applying eyeliner, you must use an eye makeup primer and concealed to camouflage the puffiness, dark circles and dark hues around the eyes. This will cover all the imperfections of the skin around the eyes, giving your eyes a wider look preventing any crease or unnecessary smudge happening to your eyeliner due small eyelids.


Use a white eyeliner pencil to the inner rims of your eyes. They will make them appear vast and brighter. A little application of white eyeliner pencil to the tear duct area as well would work wonders to the overall look of your eyes.

Eyeliner for small eyes


Now your eyes are ready for the application of black or brown eyeliner of your choice. If you have small eyelids avoid thick lines of eyeliner all over your eyes. The best way is to start a thinner line of eyeliner closest to the eyelash, from the tear duct .The strokes you make to the outer edge must be thinner and straight, carrying it to the outer edge of the eye in a subtle, delicate winged liner following the cat eye makeup technique. Use short strokes to reach the end. Place your little pinkie finger on your cheekbone to maintain your stability while you move your fingers up.


A little smudge at the outer edge of the eye is best to add to the natural beauty of the small eyelids. Remember to keep it neat and use the eye shadow brush to give it a mild smudgy look.


Take a soft brown eyeliner pencil and apply a thin line to the outer half of the lower lash. Use an eye shadow brush to smudge and blend it giving it a naturally broader look.


Well-applied mascara is a must to compliment your stunning eyes.

After following the above steps your insecurities about small eyelids will vanish and you will be ready to flaunt your ravishing makeover to the world.

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