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Eye Make-up for Dramatic Eyes on Your Special Day

Just knowing how to get a perfect smoky eye or cat eye isn’t going to help you get your eye make-up right. To get the exact look you want to achieve, you should know your eye shape well enough. There are separate tricks for each eye shape. Master them to get beautiful eyes.


eye makeup round eyes

Round Eyes

If you have eyes that are round then follow these steps –

  • Apply a lighter shade of eye-shadow over the lid. Then apply a medium shade to the outer side of the upper as well as lower eye. Finally use a darker shade to line the upper lash line and spread it out towards the corner to give your eye and elongated look.
  • Put eyeliner just on the upper lash line to complete the look.


Eye makeup Almond eyes

Almond eyes

Almond shaped eyes are perfectly symmetrical and are known for fitting in with most kinds of eye make-up. For almond eyes,

  • Apply a light eye-shadow shade to your brow bone. Then sweep across the entire lid a shade which is light but slightly shimmy. Then add a dark matte shade and line the upper lash line tightly.
  • Apply eyeliner in a slightly thick manner on the upper lash line and very thinly on the lower lash line to get the perfect eye make-up.


Eye Makeup Hooded eyes

Hooded Eyes

The hooded eyes usually hide the natural crease. The lid is usually not visible, but it is the best for contouring.

  • Start by applying a light shade to the inner corner of the eye and also over the brow bone. Follow that up by applying a medium shade over the lid in a manner where it blends across the crease. The upper lash line should be lined with a dark shade. Diffuse it at the out corner so that your eyes look more defined.
  • Use a kohl liner to apply a thin lining on the upper lash line as well as the lower lash line to finish your eye- makeup.


Eye makeup monolid eyes

Monolid Eyes

The monolid eyes have a softer brow bone and have almost no crease. But the large lid space is perfect for different kinds of looks.

  • Sweep a light shade across the brow bone to create a dimension. The entire lid should be applied with a medium matte shade. The upper and lower lash lines should be lined with a darker matte shade, but keep the lining thinner at the lower lash line.
  • Add a thick liner over the upper lash line and a thinner layer over the lower lash line.

So get to know your eye shape quickly so that you can apply the perfect eye make –up and outshine all the others.



  1. Debjani

    December 18, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Glad that you found this useful… Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. round face eyebrows

    December 11, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Well, here gives you best and simple tips on eye make-up it is useful and simple i hope you love this post

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