How To Become A Fashion Blogger And Make Money

Who is a Fashion Blogger?

Blogging is an immensely popular trend, and fashion bloggers are the ones that get the most attention. If you feel like blogging could help to bring in more people and revenue, it’s time to consider it. But be sure to consider monetizing your website too. Blogs are like social media posts and other posts on a variety of topics, such as make-up, videos games, fashion and style.

Blogging fashion is becoming increasingly popular. You are not required to have any specific fashion knowledge. You can write about anything you like, or can be covered by an expert if that’s what you prefer. There’s no way to make money blogging unless you have millions of social media followers and write on a platform with high traffic such as Instagram or Facebook. As with many things in life, the most successful blogs start with passion and trial error. We’ll teach you some tried-and-true methods of testing fashion blogging waters and see if it’s a viable money-making opportunity for you.

What Does a Fashion Blogger Do Exactly?

Different kinds of fashion blogging include looks and personal style. You’ll find an abundance of both on the internet. There are also blogs that focus on accessories, apparel, and more! Although different aspects of a fashion blogger’s job are different, there are some things that relate to every single fashion blogger and these are the same across the spectrum.

Some things successful fashion bloggers usually do:

Create new looks

To post new content consistently and keep your audience engaged, it is best to have a spectrum of personal looks at your disposal. These will serve as inspiration for people to further explore their own personal style or just be a means in helping reach them. Blogging is a creative outlet that allows you to share your life experiences with the world. You can include new content daily to help improve reader retention and  help push your website from casual interest into something more durable and popular. Developing a process for consistently creating new content will provide long-term value for your blog, even if you don’t plan on blogging for another

Introduce new fashion trends

These days, fashion bloggers must stay on top of trends in order to provide their followers with new, trending looks and styles. You should use social media platforms for that same reason. Some small trends may come and go, but many bloggers stick to their personal style and wear what they love. We have seen great success with this type of personal style that is also a distinctive personality.

Take pictures

Our audience loves seeing visuals and there is no better way to communicate your style than through pictures. A blog with only a handful of text posts is either not really telling the story you want or not being visually appealing!Luckily, social media platforms like Snapchat allow for almost constant photo uploads that give a great way to create visual content in your business. This will keep your audience engaged and make sure they stick around.

Make montages

One way of sharing content is by making videos.  Plan your videos so you can post them on your blog. These montages need to be interesting so that people watch them with interest.

Recommend brands or specific products 

Audiences trust that you have the best products to recommend because they know your taste. You’re a true professional who can help with what is best for their needs. You should talk about products you’re already using or any experiences you’ve had with them in order to show your expertise on the subject.

Accept and review PR packages 

Many types of companies ask bloggers to mention their products or services on their blog. This has mostly been done by the fashion bloggers who are quite popular and have a large audience to share a new item with.

Post engaging content 

Fashion Bloggers have a lot of responsibilities, but the most important is to maintain an engaging and good-quality blog that gets your target audience’s attention. Posts can be any form as long as they are engaging.

Why You Need To Start Fashion Blogging?

If you are interested in fashion, fashion blogging may be a good career option for you. You can express your interest in fashion and also enjoy yourself. It’s an easy outlet to start some kind of online business and even make some money on it. There are many career choices available for people with a passion for fashion now, and one of the best is becoming a professional stylist. Opportunities are high there is lots of money due to demand.

Let’s do this! There’s a long road ahead and we’re here to help you through it.

Skills for Starting a Fashion Blog

If you want to start a blog in the fashion industry, then you need to have skills before starting a blog. Here are some things that we think will really come in handy if you want to succeed as a fashion blogger.


You might be surprised to think that fashion bloggers are considered public figures. They have a public platform and that’s why it’s important to have strong communication skills as part of blogging. Blogging is actually considered a form of communication by many people many people find it helpful in other aspects of their lives. When you write for an audience, it’s important that you can easily understand your content and give it a clear and unique point of view. To do this, you need to keep the language simple and your ideas approachable so audiences feel as if they can connect with them.

“Communication is both written and verbal,” so be mindful of that when you’re doing an Instagram video. It’s important to be relatable, and describe your style clearly in a way that inspires.

Social media knowledge

Regardless of whether you are a fashion blogger or just someone with content and followers on social media, it is important to still have a blog that has an online presence. But the most popular platforms for blogging have evolved from the need for links to social media channels.  Lots of fashion bloggers use social media profiles as their number one tool for gaining followers and increasing engagement. Bloggers should have a clear understanding of how their blog operates, including algorithms and general conventions. They should also be aware of types of posts and frequencies on different social media platforms. If you know some of these concepts, it will be easier for you to get people excited about your fashion blog.

Photography chops

Photography is an art. To attract an audience to your blog it is important that you post pictures that are aesthetically pleasing. If you are unable to photograph your outfit well, your audience will not be able to celebrate your looks and see them the way that you do.

Photography is an art. To attract an audience to your blog it is important that you post pictures that are aesthetically pleasing. If you are unable to photograph your outfit well, your audience will not be interested and will not want to read more of your work.

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take nice photos, but you do have to invest some time into basic photography rules and get yourself a set-up complete with equipment that works for you (even if that’s just an iPhone camera!).

You don’t have to be an expert photographer to take nice photos, but you do have to invest some time into basic photography rules and get yourself a set-up complete with equipment that works for you.


The ultimate goal for most fashion bloggers is to build their audience and maintain it. With an audience, then, comes monetization. To grow your business, you need to network with people and share ideas that will help you get ahead and attract more of your audience.

How to Monetize Your Fashion Blog

There are several ways you can make money as a fashion blogger, and while we know that you are interested in fashion blogging for the love of the game, it never hurts to turn a hobby into a bona fide side hustle, right? What’s so bad about investing time and energy in something, but not being able to make money out of it? Influencers around the world have harnessed the power of monetization — getting paid for their work is a natural consequence.

Take a look at these three ways that you can improve your affiliate marketing campaigns to increase your profits (and bring in extra income).

Sponsored posts

Fashion bloggers with a big following have the option of selling your story to brands and companies in order to earn money find out-of-this-world opportunities with other companies. Brands are often on the lookout for new ways to promote their products and ideas. They’ll ask you to post valuable content on your social channels that will help build excitement and attention around the upcoming sale or campaign. They promote their product or service with the help of your personal posts, and you will get a percentage of the profit. These sponsored posts also involve getting free stuff while promoting their company, which can be an extra perk.


If you have a large audience, many brands might approach you to collaborate on stuff they’re launching. It’s like they ask you to introduce them to the world and be their first ever! If you have been asked to write about a product, service or campaign that is about to be released, you might be offered an opportunity for free travel to the company’s facilities – or even make it to the company celebration – in exchange for your product write-up. It is best not to abuse this perk as a corporation would hate for someone who’s popular and as reputation

Conferences or classes

If your blog is mainly about make-up, as well as fashion and related skills such as sewing and embroidery, you can create an online course for your followers. Online courses are comprehensive and dynamic content that you can add to often to make sure that your followers have everything they need at their fingertips. Fashion bloggers have enjoyed hit-after-hit with means of monetisation. Making a living out of blogging and sharing their experience while they can provide insight that is often sought after by readers.

Next Step is Online Selling

Most fashion bloggers use online selling to complement their blog content. This is because a lot of their followers may also enjoy shopping through the site they are reading. They would like them to be able to shop looks in your closet, or follow you on social media so that they can see outfits daily.

There are many things you can offer your audience on your blog, from the complete monetization of your brand and product to advocating for a particular product.

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