Tips and Content Ideas for Starting a Fashion Blog in 2022

Running a fashion blog is a great way to share your perspective of the fashion industry, trends, designers and brands with the world. Plus, it can help you become an expert in the fashion industry and have financial freedom.

Fashion blogger, who is it?

Fashion bloggers publish articles, photos and videos about the fashion industry. Such bloggers can talk about different styles and review collections of clothes. They can also post interviews with fashion designers. Keeping fashion blog is easier when you attend shows and parties, read books on the topic, and read articles in industry publications. Meeting with representatives of the fashion industry is also a way to get started. Sites like personal blogs, Youtube and Instagram can be used to publish your work.

In this article on the blog, we talk about the features of fashion blogging and share tips on how to become a successful blogger. Today’s article will be about naming, picking a niche, monetizing your blog and generating content ideas.

How to choose a niche for a blog?

One of the first steps in starting a new business venture is choosing a niche – you have to decide what you want to blog about. To figure out which category would work best, you can brainstorm by asking questions such as:

  1. Your future blog in three words.
  2. Who is your ideal reader? Where does he live, what are his interests, and how old is he?
  3. What value does the blog offer you?
  4. What area are you strong in?
  5. Who are your favorite fashion bloggers or influencers?

Next, do some research to find out what other blogs and content pieces on a similar topic your competitors are publishing. Once you analyze these sources, you’ll be able to understand what type of approach is most effective for getting people’s attention and creating high-quality content on a specific topic.

How to choose a good name?

Start looking for a suitable name. It’s worth stopping the choice on an easy-to-pronounce and meaningful option. Good names are Sea of Shoes or A Beautiful Mess. Many turn to various neoplasms from work. There is no need to go through this, especially since such options are too commonplace. If you want to share your subjective opinion and create a personal brand, consider adding your first and/or last name to the title.

Where to start a fashion blog?

One of the most successful fashion bloggers started his blog on Blogger. Blogger is a free platform and one of the top recommendations for new bloggers. Once you start achieving follower/reader acceptance and earning money off your blog, it might be worth investing in building your own website.

How to make a blog?

When you start a fashion blog, it’s impossible to talk about anything without talking about the theme. The theme is the site, not pages on social networks. When we’re talking about a blog, there are different sections that we need to take into consideration. All of these are going to be important and should be in more prominent places than other parts of the site. Keep your blog simple.

The main thing on a blog is content, and nothing should distract from it. Crowded pages with too many visuals can make it hard to get things out of the text, which makes it more difficult for users to get information about the articles or videos. High-speed internet makes it tempting to place photo and video sliders on the front page, which could result in using up your users’ traffic. Would you like for your readers to have to spend time and gigabytes downloading excess content?

You can also check out our article How to Start a Fashion Blog?, where we explained in detail what you need to do to start blogging.

What to write about?

Your blog is the king. Your niche is unique, which makes you more easily recognizable amongst the competition. With such a strong niche, think about your top topics to focus on and remember not to take on something that you can’t handle it all at once. The usefulness of starting a blog about fashion trends is difficult to overstate. There are so many subtopics that you might want to talk about too, such as.

Some blog reference sites are known for their design or presentation techniques, rather than the content they provide. WhoWhatWear, for example, publishes collages with images of people and prices for these outfits and Fashion Gone Rogue has created animated gifs that show items on a person to help better display them.

You want to stand out from other fashion bloggers – so what do you need to do?

  • Fashion bloggers are a popular source of inspiration for many people and it’s not hard to see why. Their blogs offer information on the latest fashion trends and high-quality pictures as well as celebrity style secrets that reveal what to wear next.
  • Give preference to clothing items at affordable prices. If you want to inspire people with your own style and fashion vision, get closer to your readers/followers. By using affordable brands in clothing, they will feel a bit more connected with you.
  • DIY craft projects are never going out of style!
  • Share your perspective on the latest fashion trends and news with the world. Online fashion bloggers have been sharing reviews of their favorite shows and parties with everyone out there. As everyone is discussing the collections of designer presented at Paris fashion week, work on a material about the extravagant pictures of people who came to show.
  • Shoot video content. It doesn’t just apply to fashion blogs on Instagram and Youtube. With video, there are a number of possibilities for how you can use the content too; it’s reader/viewer friendly because it frees up the need for reading, and there’s a lot of clarity in what you’re communicating. You should take a look at the new collection of your favorite brand, take a walk around the show rooms of city with your camera, and show some stylish looks.
  • We’ve been following designers for a while and one day it would be great to get to know them better. Rare bloggers have devised an interesting idea – interviewing them, talking about their work and collections, and giving you materials with exclusive photos and video.
  • When you take photos, it’s important to take as many different shots as possible and vary the background where possible. Doing so will allow your content to be more visually engaging and will mean people can spend less time reading words on a screen.
  • Regular publications:  Monitoring competitors will help you see what’s going on in the industry. You might be able to attract more readers or viewers by updating your blog more often (like at least once a week). To attract more traffic to your site, create and publish new blog posts regularly. An active blog will help search engines view your site as relevant and get you higher rankings!

Unfortunately, I can’t blog my ideas, but if you’re interested in fashion blog posts, here’s how to find your style and what colours are in this season.

List articles

Readers are constantly seeking an online resource that will provide them with a break from the monotony of countless articles. To capture their attention, it is important to create content that is not only new but also different from other pieces they have come across. For example, when choosing your 10 favourite designers of the 20th century, share your opinion with readers. 

The rating should reflect how you believe they are ranked. Adding lists and top rankings can capture the attention of other readers by only reflecting how you feel about that particular topic.

Practice Guides

When you’re a pro on a certain topic, you can share your experiences and offer guides to readers: how to build a basic wardrobe, how to get noticed by street style photographers, and more.


Consulting other designers may be difficult but make sure you don’t limit yourself to just that. Check out industry professionals like buyers, photographers and CEOs as well as fashion fans and connoissuers to get their thoughts on your brand.


Please don’t leave out the chance to spread your blog and attract more readers with articles reviewing your collections or those of popular brands.


People are hungry for news. The competition in this area is high. Fashion bloggers should share current events from primary sources with their own thoughts and opinions.

Personal experience

Tell your readers about your background and experience with the fashion industry. Share what you love about the industry, write about your first steps in the blogosphere, and tell us anything interesting you have to share. Personal articles have helped the author to get closer to the audience and readers really enjoy following his timeline.

Debunking Myths

Fashion’s full of myths which can be debunked. It may be true that models are dumb and Anna Wintour the devil. But designers actually need to be creative, just like editors who have to go to all these parties. The fashion industry is full of myths, but there’s some truth behind them too.

How to monetize a blog?

A Business Insider article tells us that fashion companies will spend up to $15 billion on blogging by 2022. It’s never too late to get a share of that big pie!

Affiliate marketing

Publish on the pages links to the products you like in the online stores of partners. All conversions are tracked, and you get a percentage of each sale.

The Blogger Program is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers to get paid to write about their favorite products. As an affiliate, you can create a blog post and publish links to the pages of partner stores where the products you mention can be purchased.

Display advertising

With Google AdSense, you can show ads on your blog pages and make money. The more traffic your blog has, the more money you can generate.

Sponsored posts/stories/videos

Grow your blog and when it becomes successful, brands will queue up to advertise on your blog. As an influencer, you may offer your thoughts and feedback on their apparel lines.

Sale of branded goods

A good way to show your personal style is by selling branded products. If you write about sustainable fashion, for example, you can put your brand on eco-friendly shoppers or stylish throws, mugs, T-shirts and more. There are many ways to make money from affiliate marketing, and this is the best known. Companies will pay you to promote their products and services, so you can be paid in commissions for sales you help generate. This is how things like bloggers make money online by promoting companies’ products for a percentage of the sale price.

Paid membership

If you’re an expert in fashion and have a substantial following, you might consider launching a paid subscription service for your website’s premium content.

Paid consultations or online courses

You can also make money by providing tutorials and other resources to readers. For example, experts in how to create images for publication or the secrets of fashion design can record videos and share them online with readers willing to pay a subscription fee.

Brand Ambassador

Earn money by promoting your favourite product as a brand ambassador!

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