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Fashion Trends Then And Now

Back in time fashion has a unique importance, with patterns of decades past quite often returning in innovative, unbelievable and once in awhile nostalgic ways.

It can’t be denied that the fashion industry is likely a standout amongst the most innovative and element commercial enterprises to date. I always wonder how the designers at work has the capacity to brainstorm new plans, outfits, and promote slants always, creating something so new, innovative, and fresh that people are willing to hop onto the new fashion trend so quickly.

It’s true that fashion responds to the time and the culture in which it exists. That being said, the whole concepts of trends got me thinking about the fashion trends “then”, so let’s quickly recall those trends:

The 60’s Trend:

Old Fashion Trend
The 60’s were the decade where style standards started to change, lifted by social developments. Patterns in the 60’s included “innovation,” a subculture of British youth form that became well known all through the world. What used to be traditionalist attire advanced into lively hues and striking prints. Men no more wore customary hued suits yet tight-fitting ones with geometric examples. Ladies began wearing mini skirts and dresses that went over the knee.

Comeback Trends From The 60’s: Shift dresses, Peter pan collars, smaller than usual skirts, floral designs

The 70’s Trend:
Fashion Trend in 70's
The hipster style continued all through the mid 70’s, where nearly everybody spotted flaunting bell bottoms and whimsical offbeat prints. The 70’s was the most notorious decade of all, where anybody could wear anything they needed. On the other hand, when the mid-70’s came in, styles began to tone down. Suits were in-track suits, relaxing suits, pants suits, jumpsuits. When it came in the late 70’s, garments started to get loose. It was in vogue to show skin. That implied strapless garments and men wearing unbuttoned shirts.

Comeback Trends From The 70’s: High-waist jeans, floppy caps, platform shoes, maxi dress

The 80’s Trend:
Fashion Trend in 80's
Contrasted with the 70’s, the mid 80’s weren’t as splendid. People started to try different things with neutral hues, flaunting the different shades of brown, tan and orange. It was the period where more ladies started to explore different formal clothing. Coats and knee-length skirts were an absolute necessity have in the working environment. Neon and sequins were particularly prominent. Each outfit must be clubbed with either sunglasses, circle hoops or bracelets. This was the time where Activewear ruled. What began from the 70’s and kept going all through the 80’s was punk style. This is where the cliché image of mohawks, tore pants and cowhide coats came in.

Comeback Trends From The 80’s: Denim Jackets, monkey wash pants, jelly shoes, sneakers

The 90’s Trend:
Fashion Trend in 90's
If you recollect your most loved sitcoms from the 90’s, chances are that the female stars were blending high waist pants with belly exposing crop tops. Anything DENIM splendidly represents how current patterns have been enlivened by the 90’s. From larger than usual sweaters to tying your wool around your waist, these styles conveyed their way to the 2000’s.

Comeback Trends From The 90’s: Babydoll dresses, woolen clothes, crop tops

Fashion is similar to the seasons. It’s continually changing, from making new trends to restoring the oldies, it’s never changeless!

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