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Five Fashion Myths Debunked

“Fashion is what you are offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion…it is what you make of it once you have learned to accept and ignore based on what looks good on you.” – by Unknown


Fashion trends are known to be cyclical with style pundits proclaiming what is in today and what is outdated. As these trends come and go, it would be no surprise how the world of fashion itself would develop a set of conventional rules–things such as no wearing of silver and gold accessories together, no mixing of prints and pattern are just a fraction of what makes up the entirety of it. But more often than not, these rules like some of yesteryear’s trends, are outdated and obsolete as well so it is high time you should stop adhering to them. Apart from that, fashion and style was never meant to be constraining but rather liberating–a visual representation of your creativity. Regardless, if you find yourself still strictly following any of the five fashion myths below, then let this article enlighten you.


Most women who are well-endowed with height would often hear this unsolicited fashion advice from people. It would seem that the myth proffers the idea that you cannot be tall and wear heels at the same time or you will tower everyone. However, do not chuck those wholesale steve madden shoes just yet. Many women do not wear heels solely for the reason of standing taller, but rather to make their legs look more toned and attractive.  So, do not ditch your heels just because you are blessed with height, own it and strut it.


This myth is not only untrue, but incredibly discriminating as well. It has been the mistaken belief of many that short women cannot wear maxi dressed or they would appear shorter than they truly are or would run the risk of having the maxi dress overwhelm them. Although maxi dresses tend to swallow short girls up (and maxi dresses do not look great either), this does not mean that you should dismiss the idea of wearing maxi dresses altogether. Look for a streamlined maxi dress win a solid color and you will be amazed how great it would look on you.


Women with a bit of heft are known to be wary of large prints and horizontal stripes. As it is, it is a universal fear of women to be wearing anything that would make them seem larger than they truly are. However, stripes and big patters will only draw attention to areas where you are wearing them so try to avoid them in places where you want to minimize attention, but do not dismiss wearing them altogether. To compromise, wear your printed or striped tops with a blazer.


If there is one fashion rule that is incredibly outdated, it is this. It has been the erroneous belief that one should not match different patterns together to avoid creating visual noise. But in this era of style, this no longer applies in the game of fashion. To avoid clashing patterns however, keep the scales in mind and do notmix large patterns with large ones. Create visual interest by mixing small scale patterns with big ones such as thin stripes with bold florals or small checks with large plaid.


Like everything else in the obsolete rule book for fashion, everything must coordinate. This means you cannot mix silver jewelry with gold ones which is a bit baffling to say in the least. The contrast of gold and silver looks attractive and there should be nothing stopping you from wearing it. It makes for a good fashion statement as well.

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  1. Manavi

    September 30, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Some very interesting facts up there. Agree on almost everything. I have lot of tall friends who refrain from wearing heels. Maybe they will, after I tell them what you mentioned up there. 🙂

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