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Footwear Fashion Tips For Men During Monsoon

Most people share a love-hate relationship with the monsoons. With floods, puddles, grey days and slippery surfaces, your footwear goes a long way in determining whether you have a good day or a bad day during the inevitable monsoons. For men, footwear options are plenty and you can severely ruin certain kinds if they keep getting wet in the muddy water. Infections and smelly feet can lead to disaster days for you and hence this article is a must read for all men to have to venture out in the monsoons. This is a comprehensive list that gives you fashion tips for men in an easy guide of dos and don’ts on footwear during monsoons.


Invest in a pair of flip flops if you don’t own one already

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With terribly dirty roads, easily washable flip flops will be your go to solution during monsoons. They dry fast and don’t wear away due to exposure to moisture. A casual option, they look decent with all kinds of casual wear. Be careful while choosing one as not all flip flops have a good grip.

Let your feet breathe

Not letting your feet breathe and keeping them clogged up in the humid weather is a strict no no in our list of fashion tips for men. You will end up with smelly feet otherwise. so, it is advisable that you wear shoes which allow air to circulate.

Wear crocs

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They are ideal for the monsoons. Made from rubber, they offer a sound grip. The grip of footwear is essential in monsoons when most flat surfaces are slippery. Colorful and fun to look at they also make a great style statement. They also don’t let water stay inside and thus prevent any foul odor. They let your feet breathe and dry quickly.

Wash your feet often

When your feet get wet in the dirty puddles, there are chances of fungal infections, smelly feet and sticky irritating shoes. This can have severe implications later on. It is always advisable to wash your feet with some kind of soap after your feet gets wet. Remember to let your feet dry before putting on socks and shoes again.


Wear leather shoes

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Avoid leather at all times as rainwater damages leather very quickly. If you must wear them for official purposes, wear different shoes and change once you reach. Dont spend a lot on leather shoes only to damage them in water.

Wear sneakers or other kinds of closed shoes

They look bad during monsoons after they are wet and soggy. Sneakers take forever to dry and make your feet itchy and uncomfortable. Closed shoes also cause a very foul odor. They promote the growth of germs and bacteria in these unfavorable circumstances and can cause infections and diseases. They need a lot of careful cleaning to rid them of muddy dirty water. Canvas shoes are also a part of this list. Instead of going through so much pain, the easier alternative is to just avoid wearing sneakers or covered shoes altogether.

Think that you have to put away all your formal attire because of inadequate footwear

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A shirt paired with shorts makes for the trendiest monsoon attires and you’ll find that in all lists which talk about fashion tips for men during monsoons. Pair this with a set of loafers and you are good to go.

Good hygiene and care of feet are essential for enjoying the monsoons. You can do everything you want go out as much as you want if you just take simple precautions and care. Fashion tips for men only aims at giving you the basic tips which will help you enjoy the rainy season to the fullest.

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