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How To Get Makeup Foundation To Stop Looking Oily?

Prepping The Complexion First To Keep Skin Matte

If you happen to have an oily face, you are certainly not alone, but this particular skin type can be challenging to tame. Some women will apply makeup, head off to school or work and then notice a shiny complexion within an hour or so. Makeup, like your foundation, will look dull and even splotchy, as it disappears into the pores.

To avoid the oily complexion melt-down, a few steps ahead of time can correct the sebum overload and keep your skin looking fresh and attractive. Before you apply your foundation, which is actually the building blocks of your makeup, try these simple tips.

  • Most dermatologists agree that the proper cleanser matters before using makeup on oily skin. A clean face will allow pores to look tiny, stop break-outs from occurring and keep the greasiness away. Look for powerful cleansers made especially for oil control and those featuring high performers like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, green tea, etc.
  • Next, a great primer applied to the face before foundation adds another protective matte layer. Choose a matte primer that will go on smoothly and lightly and be effective at absorbing excess oil. In addition, a primer is a smart product in any skin tone line-up, because it creates a smooth canvas that allows makeup to settle in flawlessly, concealing minor imperfections.


Maintaining a Matte Appearance Wearing Foundation

Just because you have an oily face does not mean you can’t wear cosmetics attractively. Foundation is essential to balance the skin tone, add a bit of natural color, and like primer, foundation creates a flawless complexion.

Skin care experts recommend always choosing a foundation specifically made for oily complexions, because they have been designed to add coverage with a light water base. You don’t want a dewy finish, because that would only add to your already shiny feature. The right foundation for oily faces will diffuse uneven skin tone, blemishes that dreaded T-zone shine and not bring attention to large pores.

After applying foundation, you can puff on a loose translucent powder to seal the deal. The right kind will maintain a matte finish with a touch of sheer coverage, while it absorbs oil and reduces shine for hours. Made for oily complexions, a loose powder will not settle into fine lines or pores and never looks cake-y.

Some women also swear by using a matte finish makeup setting spray, instead of applying a loose powder. It’s quick and easy with a few spritzes over your foundation. Close your eyes and spray it in a downward motion three times to cover the entire face and let it dry.

Author Bio:

Sandy Taylor is a professional makeup artist currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She has over 10 years of experience working as a professional makeup artist. She provides useful makeup tips and tricks in her blog

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