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How to Cool off the Summer Heat with Linen Shirts?

What Flannel is to winter, Linen is to summer; if someone was marrying fabric to seasons. You don’t have to have a huge scruffy beard or pretend to be a lumberjack. Linen shirts are the trademarked apparel that bring out the carefree and effortless side of a person. This thin breezy material that brings comfort under the merciless sun is the wear for the summer. Linen shirts and other apparels are irreplaceable in this hot and humid and definitely the ace in the latest fashion for men.

There are various advantages to Linen shirts.

The Freshness Linen Shirts Provide-

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The Main reason for Linen’s popularity during summer is because of its cooling effect. Due to the Weave and fiber specifics, linen allows more flow of air. The reason for that is Linen’s structure. It is stiff in nature which does not allow the fabric to stick to your skin, hence allowing greater airflow. Linen also dries up pretty quickly to light breezes and becomes cool again. Clothes made from linen possess high air permeability which lets air flow freely inside and allows the body to breathe gives a cooling sensation under the scorching sun. Designers have highly desirable linen apparel in stock under the label of latest fashion for men.

The Moisture free body-

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Another pleasant feeling Linen shirts provide is a body. Linen is a very good absorber of moisture and conductor of heat. That is a major reason why linen shirts feel cool to the touch and removes perspiration from the skin. Because of the molecular structure of linen, it can absorb moisture up to 1/5th of it weight. So, it removes moisture and can quickly become moist again. Basically, Linen shirts will absorb the sweat from your skin and let t evaporate from the outer surface to give you a cooling sensation and will quickly absorb the lost moisture again. The evaporated moisture will be replaced by absorbing some more. Thus, Linen shirts prove to be an excellent cooling system for yourself at summer.

The Statement it makes-

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Very often, men wearing linen shirts get this sudden rush of immense masculinity into their systems and feel like now there is a dire need to grow a huge manly scruffy beard and it’s all about being rugged and prepared so you walk into your business meeting with an axe. That is not the statement it carries. A linen shirt should make you feel carefree. As if you are under no pressure from anywhere and you do not have a single thing to worry about in the world. It states that all you need to put on, is already on you.

High Heat conductivity-

Linen has another, very favorable, quality which is high heat conductivity. Heat Conductivity of a fabric refers to its property to channel heat through it. Linen quickly allows heat to escape and aids to the cooling effect. Linen has fives time more heat conductivity than wool and eighteen times more heat conductivity than silk.

Awesome appearance-

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Most importantly, Linen is praised everywhere as is highly regarded as the best material in the latest fashion for men. Due to such a light and cooling nature of these shirts people don’t have to worry about sweat stains. For the sweaty men around us, it’s the biggest relief. They come in all shades but are usually preferred in sober colors. They are apparel so its yes eye pleasing. You can tuck in your shirt if you need to look formal or you can go without tucking if you want to flaunt yourself with a casual look. Another good feature is that it doesn’t need to be worn after ironing. The rumpled and messy approach is part of the charm.

So, linen tops the chart for latest fashion for men. A survey has shown that people wearing linen feel 3°-4°C cooler than others. So, this summer look out for those trendy Linen shirts and be carefree under the sun. Choose how you want to cruise, with half sleeves or folded long sleeves. Either way, just remember. It is you that is cool. Linen shirts are just going to make you a bit cooler.

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