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How to Get the Best Hair Straightener for Your Hair

Hair Straightening Ideas

Hair straightening irons are also known as flat irons are 2 heated plates on a portable , electrical tool which are designed to press (flatten) textured hair follicles. A few curlies in the community have totally sworn off retexturizing through flat iron due to all of the possibility of heat damage. With convenience to a lot more considerate, comprehensive information on maintaining healthy hair and more possibilities than ever before, textured individuals are coming back again to this old hair styling tool for temporarily straightened locks.

Which hair straightener you should buy? Here I will discuss the best options of flat irons and the things those make them different from one another.


Ceramic is widely used because of it being the cheapest option for these kinds of flat irons. It is ideal for smoothing and straightening locks at a lower temperature range. A lot of today’s ceramic hair straightener brands offer “ionic technology” electronic ionizers which create negative ions, which will counteract positive ions and close hair cuticles. This leads to gleaming, frizz-free locks where light can reflect off of very easily. This straightener option is ” long-lasting, effective, and durable “. Ceramic hair straighteners are the most effective option for the people with fine, straight to wavy-curly locks. You can take a look at these best chi straightener reviews as they are best for ceramic irons.


A lot of ceramic flat irons also provide the word “tourmaline” in the name. This kind of heat styling equipment includes prismatic crystals which are included after being smashed into an excellent powder. The crystal boron silicate mineral assist to smooth out the hair cuticle and also helps to avoid additional heat damage by giving off negative ions to neutralize the positive ions which occur while hair is dry or damaged. Making use of a tourmaline straightening iron indicates most times you will have only to pass over each portion of your locks once, leading to less chance of heat destruction. For those who have fine but tightly coiled hair, tourmaline is an excellent choice since the possibility of it catching on your locks is slimmer than in comparison to using ceramic.

Watch AlexandrasGirlyTalk straightening routine with KQC X-Heat


Flat irons which have titanium plates are generally desired because of this: titanium is the merely metal that lead to such an excellent level of both ‘flatness’ as well as sheen for curly locks. Titanium straightening irons are provided with a wide variance of settings, therefore the volume of control is always in your favor in terms of reducing heat damage chances. If you straighten your hair on a daily basis and your locks are “heat trained”, this kind of straighteners are designed for you–its capability to endure ultra high heat and withstand corrosion makes it a durable hair care expenditure. For those who have dense straight (relaxed) locks or coarser, 3C and type 4 hair, titanium flat irons are for you.

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