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Look Gorgeous with the Right Lip Color

The color of your lipstick can either brilliantly make or disastrously break your entire look. It determines a lot and choosing the correct lip shade will go a long way in achieving your makeup and beauty goals. Most importantly what you need to remember is, every skin tone is different so what is advertised on another model or what your friend recommends may not always be the right option for you. However, there are a few tips and tricks to achieve good results in most cases based on your skin tone.

Skin undertones

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Identification of your skin undertone is a very important part of choosing the right color too. If you have blue veins visible, you have a warm skin undertone and if you have green veins visible you have a cooler undertone. This is important because if you have a warmer undertone, you should opt for colors which have a hint of yellow or red in them. For cooler undertones, you should choose shades with purple or mauve.

The thumb rule

What has been studied and identified as a basic rule in the field of makeup and beauty, is that the lip color will suit you best if it is a shade or two darker than your normal lip color. The best way to find out? Try it out on your fingertips and then place it on top of your lips to see if it suits your complexion. However, most stylists and makeup artists will agree that shades in grey or black make people look sickly. Unless you’re trying to create a very dramatic effect, steer clear of using these colors on regular days.

Fair skin

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The way to identify fair skin is when your cheeks become red often, you have a couple of freckles and your skin is prone to sunburns. Shades that are very dark or very bright pop colors like orange will not suit your complexion in most cases. Anything which falls in the radar or light or medium shades will suit you best. Pink, mauve and corals will always flatter your skin tone. For more dramatic looks, you can try a hint of red. However, maroon or brown will generally make your lips stand out too much as they will be many shades darker than your normal lip shade.

Light skin

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Yellowish pale skin or a medium skin tone will mean that you can carry off almost any lip shade. Nudes can make your complexion look pale so avoid those. Opt for maroons and orange shades and you’re good to go. Cranberry reds and pinks will go well with your skin tone too.

Dark skin

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Tan skin tone which can ideally be called dusky is the best fit for this category. Makeup experts will recommend you to always stay away from anything too light. Pale and nude colors too should be avoided. Browns, wine and berry shades will look fantastic on your skin tone. Brick red and plum colors will suit your look too.

Very dark skin

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If your skin falls under a darker category, do stay away from orange and very bright pop colors. They will highlight your lips in a bad way and make them look far bigger and unflattering. Ruby red, walnuts, rust shades and those which border on ocher and brown will suit you best. Opt for combinations between maroons with a hint of purple or wine colors. Careful attention to makeup and beauty can make you look sexy in an instant.

Experiment with Modesty

What you need to know most importantly is that there will always be rules like the above, but in bending them, there’s great fun too! So when you do go lipstick shopping, don’t always follow advice you’ve read on makeup and beauty sites. Instead, try them on and surprise yourself! You actually might discover colors which are not exactly recommended for you but look great on you. What you ultimately need to remember is that your appearance is solely your personal choice so do go ahead and pick shades that please you most. Also, remember to put on some compact and eye makeup even if it is a bit of kohl or mascara for the entire look to be complete and make you feel fabulous!

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