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Look More Beautiful with Tan

In 2010, some researchers at Emory University did a study to gauge people’s reaction to people’s skin colour. The study revealed that people find darker skin tones relevantly more attractive than pale skin. This came as a surprise, mostly because there are many countries in the world where light-skinned people are considered more beautiful than dark-skinned ones.

There was a time when a tan was almost considered a slur. Blue-blooded women made special efforts to stay away from the sun as tanned skin was the prerogative of only the labour class. However, the industrial revolution changed the perception of beauty and class forever. Today, people with a tan are considered more attractive than people with pale skin.


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SPF Protection Is More Important Than You Think

The best way to get a tan is to expose oneself to the sun. The bronzed glow of the natural tan that one gets from staying in the sun is to die for. However, there are many people who skip on UV protection when they step out in the sun. These people believe that in the absence of SPF protection, the tan they get will be deeper and long-lasting. This is a myth and a common mistake people make. It is true that one tans slowly while wearing SPF protection, the final tan is actually more consistent and durable. SPF is a must as it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and keeps it from getting burned.

Natural Tans Do Not Last Forever 

While a natural tan is amazing to look at, it also disappears after only a few weeks. In most cases, people’s tan begins to fade after only two weeks and disappears completely after about a month. Not just that, the truth is, one cannot predict the strength of a natural tan. You may go in wanting to look like Megan Fox and come out looking like tanned Ross from Friends. This is precisely why most people now use either an indoor tanning lotion or a tanning bed to either elongate or revive their tan.


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With an indoor tanning lotion, you can get the tan you always wanted 

Indoor tanning lotions do their job quite effectively. These lotions enhance the production of melanin, a natural pigment that is known to darken the skin colour. Almost all of the indoor tanning lotions contain melanin and L-Tyrosine. That apart, some tanning lotions also contain healthy ingredients like green tea extracts or tea oil which are known to revive the skin. Likewise, there are many indoor tanning lotions available in the market right now that are high on moisturisers and keep the skin hydrated properly. For people who prefer the bronzed look, indoor tanning lotions with bronzers are a good choice.

Whatever the look you may be going for, it is quite important that one must choose their tanning lotion properly. The ingredients shouldn’t too harsh on the skin.

Here Are A Few Tips That Will Come Handy

People should also take some precautions when they are trying to get more beautiful with tan. For instance, one must remember to not exfoliate for at least two to three weeks after getting a tan. Likewise, once you have successfully got the tan you wanted, you must stay away from the sun. Wear full-sleeved clothes and carry your umbrella at all times.

Author Bio: My name is Karen. I write on skincare. I take great pride in reviewing cosmetic products and advising people on what’s good for their skin.


  1. Trista

    April 30, 2017 at 9:05 am

    Thanks for your useful post. What type of sunscreen I should use after tanning?

  2. vidya

    September 21, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion. Very interesting and helpful post.

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