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MAGA – Witty, Quirky & Full of Sass!

“Dreams are to follow and someday it will turn into reality“

They say “Follow Your Dream” and MAGA took these words to another level in all seriousness and hence this is how they started their journey while graduating from a Fashion school. As they say, it’s been always taught to them during their curriculum to follow steps, rules and guidelines for designing. But they had something out of the box in their minds.

They just believe in creativity as they don’t have to follow rules to transform creativity into reality and make a piece out of it. When they finished with graduation and stepped into the real world, they decided to follow their quirky dreams and this is how MAGA comes into existence.


MAGA – a fashion brand owned by two sisters Ms. Mridu Agarwal and Ms. Gauri Agarwal is much different from other brands present in the market. When asked about this difference, their answer was very simple – We design and make products!

After extensive research, study and learning over the period of time, they are now having a better understanding of their target market and its demand.

Simply designing a product may be easy, but when we design product for target market, it is difficult since you need to have a good understanding of its demand and need. This is the area where this team of two sisters – MAGA excels in.

MAGA Product

Their product line includes fancy clothes, sassy accessories, classic home furnishing, home improvement, cute kitchen accessories and tempting bakery items!

For product inquiries click here

Motivated much? What has stopped you from following your dream?


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  1. Shubham Tyagi

    January 11, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    A well written article!!
    Even I am working on a similar Startup, it is a women fashion accessory estore shoppingkeeda
    I understand how hard it is to make a startup grow and build a great brand out of it. Its always good to hear about these extraordinary people who have the will to take on the difficult path and go out to chase their dreams. The product line is truly fabulous. My best wishes to Mridu, Gauri and the whole MAGA team. Looking forward for some more posts in the same category.

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