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Makeup Applicator- Brush or Sponge?

It can be extremely confusing to decide on a good makeup applicator, especially if you are a beginner in the makeup world. We have seen it all; in commercials, parlors and our very own women in the family. Brushes, sponges and even fingers are popular make up applicators. But the question is; which is the right one to be used? What brush should be used? How to use a beauty blender? Is an applicator necessary? … and so on. The answer- it all depends on the product and You!

brush & sponge

Makeup brushes:

There are brushes of different sizes, types, purpose and material. You will find synthetic brushes, boar bristle brushes, and many more. There are specific bushes for eye makeup, foundation application, contouring, highlighting, for your blushes. In a make up kit, you find a small brush given even for the lipstick shades. Well, it all depends on you if you wish to use them or not. Using brushes needs a lot of technique and expertise. If you are aiming at concentrated placement, like while using eye shadow in eye make up, you can opt for the brush. Using brushes for the finishing touches with a setting powder is also a great choice. However, when it comes to building up a good base, you will be in need of a great buff brush. It calls for practice to apply foundation without leaving behind brush and bristle strokes. While it isn’t wrong to use a brush for foundation application, it is only wise to move on to brushes when you are confident with your make up skills. It is loveable that brushes give a beautiful airbrushed finish, good coverage and natural finish to the skin when buffed well. But they come at a huge price and call for maintenance. When poorly kept the bristles get damaged easily and also cheap make up brushes are no good for flawless application.

Makeup sponges:

There are many options here again. We have seen the faithful makeup sponge in almost all compact powder boxes that we are familiar with. But, the recent famous kid in the bock is the beauty blender. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Wetting the sponge a little before make up application will help you to achieve the flawless finish you desire. Sponges are the best way to have good control over the product and application, especially with foundation. You can slowly build up on product and will be more confident of the way you apply it. Sadly, the cons would be that they take in a lot of product and you have to prep your skin well before you use them. If your skin isn’t well moisturized and primed, sponges and blenders can lift dry skin. They are inexpensive compared to brushes but they need to be replaced often.


If you are beginner in the make up world, you can go by this: use sponges or blenders for your liquid foundation and concealor; brushes for your highlighting, contouring, eye shadow and blush. Again, it all depends on the magic of your hands. You can use whichever suits your style and product, as long as the final look is what you aimed for.

Author Bio:

Sancta, a post graduate in English Literature, true to the education loves to be wrapped into a world of poetry and the scent of old books. After short experiments in different fields of business, she is currently following her passion as beauty blogger at Lifestylica.

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  1. Ammy Alick

    May 9, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Easy and simple way to create sponge really very interesting to learn from your website.I am going to share this article with needful students.

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