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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts to look like a million bucks on your big day

When you look back at your pictures on your wedding day, there are a few things that do cross your mind. Firstly, you look like someone else, not you. Two, your face and the rest of your body shades are poles apart. Three, you look like you’re wearing a mask – a white scary mask. Well, we’ve all seen it at weddings. But now, it’s time we made sure makeup enhances the bride and doesn’t take away from how she looks. That’s where choosing the right makeup artist comes in. And add to that, a bunch of other important things to keep in mind that will seal the deal and you’ll look like a million bucks on the most important day of your life!

Do's & Don'ts for make on wedding day

Here’s the essential cheat sheet that can get you closer to your best makeup looks on your wedding week.

Find the right makeup artist for you, not your BFF, not your cousin sister

Which means only one thing, scouting through websites for list of makeup artists and asking your friends for contacts and getting portfolios to look over. When it comes to booking a makeup artist for you – look at his/ her portfolio twice over. Make sure he/she has worked with dark skin or light skin ( depending on your skin tone) and whether he/she is ready to give you a trial.

Your face and your neck have to be the same colour

Ok, so that’s crucial. Otherwise you will look like a painted face. Make sure you take a phone photo right after your makeup is done so you have a fair idea as to how you’ll look in pictures! Blending is key and if you don’t get that right, there’s no point!

Your makeup artist must know your skin and work with it

A good makeup artist will know which products work on which skintone. He/she knows her base. A dry powder on dry skin – a big no-no! A cream blush on oily skin, no way. Your makeup artist should care about these things enough to ask you beforehand and customise accordingly.

Get a trial first

Like we said, trials are important. Don’t think you can wing it on that day. So make sure the makeup artist gives you the wedding look down pat so you know how you exactly look. And together you guys can decide and discuss.

Extra things to understand

Not just makeup, your makeup also includes other important things like hairstyling, extensions, drapes etc. And make sure your makeup artist knows the smaller details.

Foundation troubles

Your foundation or base is all you need to make things better. It should be exactly the same shade as your skin or lighter. Don’t ever use a foundation with SPF, that’s the one thing that makes you look white in flash photography.

Wearing the wedding clothes during trial is important

You need to work your makeup around your outfit so when you wear it, it really shows up the hues in accordance with your lehenga. The colours must compliment, not disturb!

Speak clearly and bring in lots of research

Celebrities with a look you liked, a simple snapshot of something on Insta – whatever be your inspiration, just show them to your makeup person so she/he gets an idea. Otherwise you’ll waste precious time trying to explain things.

Let your BFF/ Sister / Cousin know basics

Well, your MUA is not going to be with you at all times when things go wrong last minute! At the mandap, your fake lashes come off or your shadow is smudged, train your sister in these little things so she helps you out.

Make your own makeup box

Sometimes your skin might react to a particular kind of makeup. So talk to your MUA and buy makeup that suits you. So no last minute irritations or things.

Pick the look you like, not your MUA’s recommendation

Well, sometimes MUAs are persuasive. So pick a look you really think you like so you’re happy. Nothing like sporting a look you’re half happy with.

Lighting matters

Even the prettiest makeup can look terrible under harsh bright white lighting. So step away from the makeup room lighting and get into the sunlight where you can clearly see the issues and correct them.

Do your homework

Use a good moisturiser. A good lip balm. A nice hair mask. All before you start your makeup so your face is taken care of. Good skin is the basis of good pre-care and in turn fab makeup.

Keep your trial makeup on for 4-5 hours

Don’t hurry to take off your makeup. Instead, wait for about 4-5 hours and see how the makeup holds over time. That way, you’ll know what falters, what works, what you should keep in mind!

Must to do: Make a list of good makeup artists for your big day, check their reviews & work. Also, checkout ideas for bridal makeup and decide how do you want it.

Author Bio:

True to her “Libran” trait Jyoti M is more artistic than intellectual. Anything creative catches her eye and soul! Her life’s agenda: “Love” “Laugh” “Travel” &”Eat Chocolates”. She loves the wedding season and works for a very cool Indian Wedding planning site & app that helps people plan their wedding in their own way.

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