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Modern Indian Fashion Trends

Fashion and its trends with distinctive aspects are expressed through the style of people’s dressing, footwear, accessories, makeup or furniture. These days creative designers associate the term costume with “fashion”, adding special value to people’s behavior, through fancy dress or masquerade wear. Fashion is thus a popular style or practice which either brings out feminine emotions or masculine strength.

However, with the passage of time the fashion industry is continuously changing. Something that seems fashionable today may fade away tomorrow. But, the creative minds are conscious of the style and trends with the changing times and seasons. Colours also influence the designers enough to produce such fashion that complement peoples’ personality. Many fashion shows determine the fashion trends of a particular season. And the modern creative designers are always on the lookout for taking inspiration from fashion shows thereby aiming to launch the season’s latest designs.

Fashion Trends are decided as per the natural seasons. And it generally falls back on spring and fall collections. So, something that is trendy this summer may definitely not be trendy the next. If the tubes are in vogue this summer, trench coats are recommended for the fall season.

Silk Saree Fashion Trend

However, whatever be the latest Indian fashion trends, sarees will always remain trendy and fashionable. Sarees, the most traditional apparel used by women of all cultures in the entire South East Asia, make a new fashion statement. Sarees were worn by the epic celebrities like Draupadi, Sita to Umrao Jaan to the typical Goanese fisherwomen or other women from all walks of life in South East Asia.

Yes, Indian saree is a garment, which has travelled through the passage of time, has been much explored and experimented with, to transform from a traditional attire of need to a fashion fabric of appeal. Hence, every Indian state claims its style which makes the sarees famous. Each style carries a special feature which adds elegance to modern Indian women, every time she drapes them.

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Irrespective of the shopping trips to the various malls and the uncountable hours spent on shopping online for purchasing the best western or casual wear, the Indian women of all generations habitually fall weak on their knees for saree shopping. She might have the best possible outfit for the evening party in her wardrobe, but a woman’s trousseau remains incomplete without these gorgeous traditional drapes. Sarees will thus always remain a fashionable choice for the Indian women, irrespective of the latest modern Indian fashion trends and changes in style.

Saree Fashion Trend

Sarees since time immemorial has beautified the Indian women of all ages and their favourite hobby being gossiping and shopping, Indian women are keen to purchase sarees for all reasons and seasons. Looking at such feminine desires, many business firms established themselves amidst the supermarkets with the designer sarees. They are there to enhance the modern Indian women in a new way and fulfill fashion and purchase needs.

However, the business firms have not kept themselves limited to street sides markets only. They have taken a new shape in the form e – commerce.

These E – Commerce firms try to define the glamour of the sarees. But not the cultural influence of ancient craftsmanship to bring out the real reason behind such glamour, thereby missing out on the soul of the sarees.

However, there are some e – commerce ethnic zones who choose Indian handloom sarees to glorify the Indian culture and modern Indian women in amazing ways thus shortening the path from the looms to world arena .


Aditi has a wide knowledge on Indian fashion and  tradition. Her academic background in Literature and Journalism has given her a broad base from which she has approached many topics on traditional and modern trends on Indian fashion. She has professionally described about modern fashionable apparels, especially traditional sarees through her blogs and articles.

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