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Monsoon Beauty Tips And Tricks For Working Women

Monsoon: Now that may immediately conjure up images of long walks in the rain, the pure and unadulterated joy of jumping in puddles, but monsoon can be a trying time for those who are required to step out of the house everyday. Going to school or heading to your place of work when it is raining cats and dogs outside can be a tiresome task for you. Now the next part is something all working women would be able to relate to. Monsoon can be hard for women trying to look good while they dress to impress at their place of work. The humid weather, the incessant drizzle – none of that can be good for your hair or make-up, especially since you put in a lot of time and effort to look your best. But don’t worry some monsoon beauty tips and tricks can help you out.

Monsoon Rains

Feeling sweaty and sticky? Well, that’s a given during the monsoon. Also, keep in mind that your body is now undergoing a change after having braved the scorching heat of the summer. Naturally, you need to follow a seasonal make up routine that suits your skin. Now if you’re confused about what to do, don’t fret! These tips here can help you out!

1) Stay away from heavy make-up!

Now there are some who might believe that more is indeed more and try to pile on as much make up as possible. Now, while that’s absolutely fine and a personal choice, you need to prepare yourself for the rainy season. Heavy make up is a no-no during the monsoon. The reason is pretty straightforward- if you’re out in the streets and you manage to get wet, your make-up is going to be all ruined and no one really wants that now, do they?

2) Pack up your foundation!

Yes ladies, you heard that right. Now it may seem to you that you absolutely cannot go on without your beloved foundation, but it’s better to pack that up during the monsoon. This is one of the most effective monsoon beauty tips and tricks ever. Foundation can make your skin sticky and if it gets even a tad bit wet, your whole face is going to be messed up. You don’t want that, do you? As an alternative, you can use face powder during these few months. Face powder will prevent your face from feeling oily or sticky and remains more or less unaffected by rain. So even if you aren’t carrying an umbrella, you wouldn’t have to worry about ruining your make-up.

3) Getting your eyeshadow right

We all know how much you love adding that dash of colour to your eyes; but maybe during the monsoon, you can keep it simple and clean. Go for the subtle colours which look really elegant and pretty- like, brown, pink, beige and other such colours. That way, you can contour your eyes without having to worry about them becoming too obvious. Also, remember to buy only the powdered eyeshadows instead of the cream based ones.

4) Choosing your blushes

Now many women would claim that blush forms the very base of your make-up. But remember, the main purpose of blushes is to make your face look neat and evenly toned. Now since that shouldn’t be a problem during the rainy season, you should try to go easy on your blush. Even if you’re using one, go for cream based blushes and not the powdered ones. Here’s one of the most useful monsoon beauty tips and tricks- if you get drenched (which is a high possibility, anyway) do not rub your face all over. Carry tissues with you at all times and just dab your face with one.

There you go, these 4 monsoon beauty tips and tricks could do wonders for you. Otherwise, the humid weather could have a massive toll on your hair and skin. If you want to avoid a sticky (quite literally) situation, these are a few tricks you can have up your sleeve.

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