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There was a time when experimenting with nail colors was almost unimaginable. Now, you can add an extra edge to your outfit with stunning nail art designs. And the best part is that you won’t have to rush to the parlor for this, you can create these beautiful designs at home all by yourself. You can experiment with your nails in almost infinite ways. You can use stickers, airbrushing, stencils, jewels and ordinary nail polish to create gorgeous designs.

Quick and Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

Nail art can look appealing if done right. When you’re doing it at home, make sure you try out only what you know, so that it doesn’t look untidy or clumsy. A few common styles of nail art that you can easily do at home are :-

1) Go for Free Handing if You’re Sure about Your Artistic Abilities– You can use nail polish of different colors and a special kind of pen available for this purpose. You can create cute floral designs or little hearts on your nails. Polka dots or bows are also great ways to give your nails that quirky look. These designs look beautiful especially if the base is of a light color like white.

Dota and heart nail art

2) Nail Stickers, if You Aren’t Very Confident about Free Handing Nail stickers are really cute and of different shapes. They are easily available too! They can be in the form of snowflakes, or little flowers if you’re going for a very feminine look. You get sets of stickers which you can apply to your polished or bare nails, although polished nails look better.

Easy winter snowflake nail art

3) Airbrushing…To Give it that Professional Touch In airbrushing, stencils of different shapes are placed on the nails and then the design is painted using an airbrush. If your base color is dark, like black or dark blue, you should go for something like white while painting the design.

Air brush nail art

4) Use Dazzling Stones to Increase Your Glam Quotient If you want to add some sparkle to your look, you can paste jewels, small stones, rhinestones etc to your nails by using an adhesive. But don’t add too much of it, one or two near the tip of your nails is more than enough. You might go for colored stones, but the simple, white ones give your nails a more dainty look.

Glitter stone nail art

5) Use Simple Nail Polish to Create Nail Art If you don’t have access to any of the above, don’t worry! You can turn ordinary nail polish into extraordinary nail art by mixing different hues, like various shades of blue, and applying them to your nails. You can even mix silver with colors to make it look gorgeous.

Simple nail polish design

So you see, there are so many different styles of nail art. Be it stickers or free handing, they all give an attractive appearance to your fingernails. DIY nail art is actually a great way to express yourself because as we all know, how you dress up reflects the kind of person you are!


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