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How To Prevent Hair Fall During Monsoon

Poets and thinkers often romanticize the Monsoons with its rainy days and cloudy gloomy weather. The season apart from causing damage of other kinds, can have severe effects on your hair. With a high level of humidity and hair refusing to dry fast, damage caused to your precious tresses is a lot. Hair fall and dandruff are two of the biggest problems that you have probably faced due in the rainy season. These article aims to help women like you with useful monsoon tips. All those who have had hair related problems will seriously benefit from the skincare tips listen below.

Avoid getting wet in the rain

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Even though it might be tempting to take a shower in the torrential downpour after a hot day, the effects of that on your hair can be severe. Rains have dissolved pollutants and chemicals that can damage your hair severely and can cause an undue amount of hair fall. Stay dry and use an umbrella so that you don’t get wet in the rains. A trendy waterproof hooded jacket can also make a fashion statement while protecting your hair. This is one of the foremost precautions when it comes to hair care tips in general.

Use mild shampoos at least twice a week

Due to excess humidity, your hair might get sticky and attract more dirt so shampooing at least twice a week is essential. Use a mild shampoo after you get wet. This can save from a lot of damage. This is necessary to wash away the pollutant loaded rainwater.

Get an Oil Massage

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An oil massage can do wonders for frizzy hair by providing nourishment to the roots. This also helps in deep conditioning that helps reducing hair fall during monsoons. But keep the oil usage to a minimum so that you don’t end up using too much shampoo.

Let your hair breathe

Avoid tying your hair and definitely don’t tie wet hair. If you dont allow moisture to dry off from your hair, then it will only affect your hair adversely. It makes your hair frizzier and more prone to breakage. If you must, stick to a loose airy pony tail.

Choose your comb

Using the right comb is also important during monsoons. Trying too hard to detangle and fighting with your tresses will only make hair fall increase. Use wide-toothed comb for best results. You can also use it to evenly spread your hair conditioner. Using the right comb and detangling your hair with patience can help combat hair fall during monsoons.

The Right Diet

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Even though you might think this doesn’t play a role in monsoon tips, your diet can go a long way in preventing hair fall during monsoons. The right amount of protein intake in the form of eggs or fish can be very advantageous for your hair. Yogurt that has a high content of vitamin D can also help your hair remain healthy and gorgeous.

During monsoons, the hair tends to swell when it is wet, thus hair fall increases during this weather. In this state it is very vulnerable and prone to damage. When you use the wrong comb and comb when your hair is still wet it causes  added damage and hair fall. The best monsoon tips for combating hair fall revolve around trying to get your hair to dry as soon as possible and then detangling will get easier. Proper conditioning and a good diet also forms the core of skin care tips during the rainy season.

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