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Rational Fashion Tips for Men

Being fashionable doesn’t always call for the right clothes and accessories, it is also about how you’ve maintained yourself. The right clothes to look good on you is directly dependent on how you’ve kept yourself. Maintaining includes your eating habits, workout schedule, sleep pattern and a lot more factors. In addition, it also means you’re not trying to copy someone else’s style and naming it to be yours. Being original is the utmost important aspect for you.

Keeping in mind that you’ve been taking good care of yourself, this article would lay down the practical fashion tips that you can look up to for a strong fashionable base.

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1.Go for what suits you and not by what others suggest:

One of the biggest problems people face while looking for their clothes is other’s appreciation (and it’s not wrong because they are the ones who’ll see you in them). You might like the Gucci watches but they’ll persuade you to opt for Prada watches. Choose your own clothes and accessories because you are the one who needs to feel comfortable in them and not the others.

2.Don’t overdo:

If you think that putting everything that you have at once will make you look good, you are mistaken, my friend. Everything in the right measure is what one needs to showcase his class and style. Hence, if you have Burberry shirts that go very well with a Burberry jacket, wear it but don’t overdo it by over accessorizing it with bracelets or eye-catching chains and more.

3.Build basics and add fashionable pieces:

You must have read it in many places that it is not correct to run after trends. Rather, you must build your own style. Keep a strong collection of fashion basics like Oxford shirt/Button down dress shirt, formal as well as casual shoes, a collection of Gucci watches and much more. I wouldn’t ask you stay limited with these options and would encourage you to invest wisely in fashionable options that’ll make you look great without taking away the basic style statement.

4.Don’t be persuaded by media:

The main motive of media is to provide you with information that you don’t have. However, having complete faith in what you see on the television, magazine or the internet is a fool’s thing. You might see the fairness cremes that guarantee fair skin but are they effective? That’s the same case with fashion. You must depend on the different sources of media (print, electronic and other) but must not trust them blindly.

5.Dress to impress and express:

Whether it is your suit look for the board meeting or the hep-guy for the evening party, you must always put your comfort first and then dress to impress. Dress to impress is often taken in the wrong way where men wear clothes that make them look really good but on the inside, it’s a biting feeling or an uncomfortable one that can be really bad for your health. For example, shapewear for a longer duration does that to you.

Stay fit and believe in yourself, eat well and workout to keep you healthy. Wear clothes that flatter you as they flatter the ones who look at you by keeping these tips in mind.

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