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Shape it Up: Choosing the Right Sunglasses According to Your Facial Shape

Our eyes play a vital role in our lives, from the time we woke up until we go to sleep at night. Most of the people are protecting it by using sunglasses to block the direct ray of sunlight. But sunglasses are not just for protection; it is also a fashion accessory.

There are different types and styles of sunglasses that you can choose, and picking the right sunglasses starts by identifying the shape of your face. Read on to learn what sunglasses to pick that suits your facial shape.

sunglasses for facial shape

Best for Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped features the face’s length is greater than the width. The narrowest part of the face is the chin, and the forehead is the widest, resembling an inverted triangle. Bulk-looking sunglasses is not a good idea as it will just add more attention to the upper part of your face. Balancing the top and bottom part of the face is essential.

Sunglasses that don’t have straight lines along the top and has a wide lower edge will suit well for this face shape because the attention shifts downward and elongate the face. Cat-eye type of glasses is also suitable since it features round edges that provide more balanced work for the wearer. Butterfly, shield, aviator and rimless styled frames would also be a good pick.

Picks for Round-Shaped Face

Sunglasses for round shaped face

The length and width of your face are almost the same. Chin doesn’t have sharp angles and is small rounded. Your goal is to lengthen your face visually. Thus, it’s best to choose dark-colored frames. These types of glasses narrow the face and providing curve closer to an oval shape. Choose a frame where the width is larger than the height to balance the facial proportions.

The best eyewear for this facial shape should lack curved features although giving importance to sharp angular lines. It will elongate the shape of your face and will bring sharper and thinner look. Shield, rectangle, wrap and square sunglasses fit ideally for round-shaped faces.

Suitable for Square-shaped

Square-shaped faces are probably the most common type of shape. It features wide cheekbones, prominent and strong jawline. The chin is angular and broad. The width of forehead, jaw, and chin is almost identical. Sunglasses with heavy details and sharp outlines is not necessary. Rectangular sunglasses can exaggerate the outline of your face.

It is best to compliment your cheekbones and jawline through frames with curved and round edges. Round frames will bring balance and soften your facial proportion. Glasses with teardrop-shaped, oval and round frames, aviator and frameless glasses would be a good choice for this type of facial shape.

Oval-Shaped Face Best Choice

Sunglasses for oval shaped face

The shape of the face is longer than its wide and is the most versatile facial shape that you can achieve the perfect fit for round and square frames. Try to avoid too big or too small sunglasses for your face. Always keep the proportion to enhance your mild features and bring you perfect angles.

Aviators, cat-eye, round, rectangular and glasses with smooth frames are suitable for this type of shape.


Sunglasses are essential accessories not just during summer, but they also complete your fashion style. Choosing the right sunglasses to fit your style plays a vital role that will affect your overall look. Consider the mentioned factors above so you can pick what is best for you and you can be able to boost your confidence. You can visit Deal Wiki if you want sweet deals and affordable prices of sunglasses that will positively transform your look.

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Caleigh Martin is a businesswoman, fashion enthusiast and at the same time, a budding blogger. She writes articles focusing on latest trends in looks and fashion industry. Caleigh likes to watch TV during her free time. She also plays volleyball with her friends to relieve stress and to refresh her mind.

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