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Sportswear as the latest fashion trend

Gone are the days when sportswear was exclusively made as exercising gear. Leggings, yoga pants, sneakers and tracksuits are now worn everywhere! This has inspired a funny parody video that ridicules the fact that activewear is now omnipresent, regardless of time and place, and whether or not the wearer is truly fitness-focused. A good laugh is always welcome, but here are the facts: athleisure is a thing, the market is constantly expanding, and fashion keeps pushing these trends forward. It is not simply about wearing gym clothes elsewhere. A whole new style has emerged when high street fashion clashed with fashion elements typical for workout clothes, and this happened mostly through different brand collaborations. In addition to that, designers became more aware of consumers’ needs, which created interesting sportswear inspired fashion trends.


Matching the unmatchable

Latest sportswear fashion trends imply mixing different styles that usually don’t go well together. This means you can match sneakers with dresses and skirts, or wear heels with sweatpants – just check out Gigi Hadid! Don’t be afraid to experiment: try a bold combination of a lavender pleat dress and white sneakers. Add a shoulder bag and vintage sunglasses for that sporty-chic vibe and you’ll be an absolute head-turner!

The rise of the hoodie dress

The athleisure style is all about being comfortable while looking good. It has that laidback charm that’s really easy to achieve. Dresses are no longer reserved for formal occasions and they are not limited to girly everyday looks. Hoodie dresses are easy to pair with other fashion pieces: add leggings, or jeans, tights, and wear them with sneakers or even flats and heels!

Know your accessories

The right kind of sporty accessories can bring your outfit from plain casual to sporty-chic. Baseball hats are an absolute hit (celebrities have gone mad about them!) and can be found in many different colors, patterns, and materials. Opt for a monochromatic plain one, combine it with a jersey of your favorite sports team, add simple jeans and sneakers – and you’re done! Other accessories may include a sport watch, a headband, or a sporty bag. Bags picked up the best from athletic backpacks: they come in different sizes and materials while preserving the same structure. Black leather ones are now trending and they are very easy to combine with other items.

Sports bra is a must

If you enjoy being comfy but also want to leave an impression of a true fashionista, choose a sports bra and show it off. Cotton black or gray ones are a classic, but with the fitness industry evolving – you can choose from many different colors and patterns. Pick your favorite and wear short overalls with sneakers.

An all-black combination

Black leggings are still the most popular sportswear item. There are many different ways you can incorporate them into your outfit, but for that sexy look, try the all-black combination. Add a simple no-sleeve cotton shirt that falls freely (or a lycra one to enhance those curves), a black leather jacket, black slip ons or sneakers, and a sporty bag of your choice. Finish your look with black sunglasses and you’ll achieve an edgy-casual look. If you want, you can add a flannel shirt to break the darkness of your outfit, or opt for a logo shirt. When purchasing leggings, make sure you don’t pick the poor quality or see through ones. Same goes for shirts: the market is filled with poorly made ones and the fabric seems to crack or fade after a few washes. Trust reputable sports brands such as the Lululemon Athletica, Reebok, Legion Athletics, or Adidas. All of the mentioned brands offer affordable sportswear you can incorporate into your style.

Athleisure has a certain complexity to it: it’s not just about making a fashion statement, but also sending a message about your lifestyle. Have fun with finding your sporty-chic look!


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    June 15, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    this post motivated

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    September 20, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    lovely sporty-chic look trend. Nice post.

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